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1 Go to a well-ven­ti­lated area, or out­side, to spray your fo­liage. I have sprayed olive twigs and half of the pine cones with gold spray paint and the eu­ca­lyp­tus and sea holly with blue spray paint. En­sure they are prop­erly dry be­fore you start as­sem­bling your wreath. 2 For the base, take the birch twigs and flex them into a round shape, the size that you want your wreath to be, mine was about 40cm wide. Wrap reel wire around the bot­tom-right third of the cir­cle, so the ends of the twigs are se­cure and the tops of the twigs form an up­wards spray of shoots on the top right. 3 Lay the sheet moss over and around the bot­tom half of the birch base and then bind it in place with the reel wire. Spray this with wa­ter so it’s moist. 4 Take small mixed bunches of the fo­liage and place onto the wreath. As each bunch is placed along the moss, se­cure the ends of the stems with reel wire. Bind around each clus­ter six times to make sure it’s se­cure. Lay one bunch slightly fac­ing into the cen­tre and the next one fac­ing out. Pack them in quite densely for a full ap­pear­ance. If there are any gaps these can be filled by pok­ing loose fo­liage di­rectly into the moss. 5 Take a piece of florist’s stub wire and wind around the base of a pine cone, leav­ing a long stalk. Poke this stalk through the wreath and when the wire comes out of the moss on the re­verse side, fold it back on it­self to at­tach it se­curely. Re­peat with more pine cones.

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