Test­ing your soil

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1 COL­LECT small soil sam­ples from the part of your gar­den you wish to test. Bear in mind that the pH may vary slightly across the gar­den (though sel­dom ex­tremely).

2 DRY the soil near a ra­di­a­tor or other heat source and re­move any stones or de­bris that could skew the read­ing. Mix up the soil sam­ples and add to a test tube.

3 POUR the in­di­ca­tor fluid in the quan­tity sug­gested – usu­ally up to a line marked on the test tube. This fluid is spe­cially for­mu­lated to de­tect the soil’s acid­ity or al­ka­lin­ity.

4 SHAKE the soil and fluid for half a minute, then let the mix­ture set­tle to re­veal the colour of the fluid. Check this against the chart to find out its pH value.

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