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We think of au­tumn as the clos­ing in of nights and the sea­son of storms, but many days and nights are still full of warmth, and there is a bound­less bounty of berries, seeds and in­sects. Don’t worry if your gar­den feels empty of birds – they’ll be back in spring.

Most in need of help With your gar­den res­i­dents en­joy­ing the sea­son’s riches, think about the mi­grant birds pass­ing through the gar­den – they also like berries, in­sects and wind­falls.

Your feed­ing regime In­crease the feed­ing rate slowly; it may take un­til late Novem­ber or De­cem­ber be­fore your feed­ers are throng­ing again.

Sea­sonal check­list Leave seed­heads stand­ing in bor­ders, be­cause they can hold es­sen­tial sup­plies of seeds and in­sects into the win­ter months. When you rake up leaves, spread them un­der bushes where thrushes can pick through them. If your bushes are laden with berries, de­lay prun­ing un­til the berries have been snaf­fled up.

Waxwings en­joy au­tumn berries, so de­lay prun­ing gar­den­er­

Put raked leaves un­der bushes for thrushes to pick through

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