How do I stop scale on black­cur­rants?

Elaine Cope, by email

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ANNE SAYS I loathe scale in­sects. They are such a me­nace to get rid of on black­cur­rants be­cause the adult scales die off over the egg masses un­der­neath, form­ing a pro­tec­tive lid. Yours are prob­a­bly woolly vine or cur­rant scale and I ex­pect they make a sticky mess of ex­creted hon­ey­dew and sooty mould. On in­spec­tion, 5-7mm-long brown scales and white egg masses coat the stems. I’m afraid the scales are prob­a­bly still in res­i­dence, with over­win­ter­ing fe­males ready to be­gin pro­duc­ing more egg masses in May and June. Start by prun­ing the stems – dis­pose of them away from the gar­den. A win­ter tree wash, based on plant oils, sprayed or wiped on and then re­peated next day will help. The first ap­pli­ca­tion weak­ens the scales so the sec­ond can take ef­fect. When crawler nymphs hatch in May, use an or­ganic spray suit­able for edi­ble plants in a sim­i­lar way.

Con­trol scale in­sect in­fes­ta­tion on black­cur­rants by prun­ing

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