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Aqui­le­gia (columbine)

These self-sow but if you want special hy­brids buy seed. Sow on sur­face of good seed com­post. Prick out seedlings when they’ve made sev­eral true leaves. Flow­ers May-Jun Height x Spread 100cm x 45cm

As­tran­tia (mas­ter­wort)

Buy seeds, or col­lect from your best plants, they won’t all come true but you may get some with their par­ents’ traits. Sur­face sow un­der glass, cover with grit. If no ger­mi­na­tion af­ter two months put out­side in an exposed spot. F Jun-Aug HxS 90cm x 30cm

Pul­satilla (pasque­flower)

Both these and clema­tis seeds have fluffy tails and are dis­trib­uted by the wind. Push each seed into com­post with its tail in the air. F Apr-May HxS 20cm x 20cm

Gera­nium psiloste­mon (Ar­me­nian cranes­bill)

Best grown from your own saved seed. Each seed is large, so sow in­di­vid­u­ally into mod­ules. Should ger­mi­nate fairly rapidly. Pot on as plants get big­ger. F Jun-Aug HxS 1.2m x 1.2m

Eryn­gium bour­gatii (sea holly)

Sow thinly on sur­face of com­post. Seed usu­ally ger­mi­nates quickly but may need a pe­riod of cold to spur it on. Prick out and pot on promptly and you may get a few flow­ers in the first year. F Jul-Aug HxS 45cm x 30cm

La­van­dula (laven­der)

Add grit to seed com­post be­fore sow­ing. Sur­face sow and cover with a cen­time­tre of grit. Af­ter ini­tial wa­ter­ing, don’t wa­ter again un­til com­post is dry. Prick out into gritty com­post. F Jul-Sep HxS 1m x 1m

Helle­borus x hy­bridus (Len­ten rose)

Col­lect your own seed, as they soon lose vi­a­bil­ity. Sow in­di­vid­u­ally into mod­ule trays, spac­ing out reg­u­larly. Stand trays out­side un­til ger­mi­na­tion. F Feb-Apr HxS 45cm x 45cm

Selinum wal­lichi­anum (milk pars­ley)

Very long-last­ing um­bels that im­prove each year. Sow fresh on sur­face of com­post. May need ver­nal­i­sa­tion (sev­eral months in cold, damp com­post to break dor­mancy). Prick out promptly. Avoid dis­turb­ing roots. F Jul-Sep HxS 1.8m x 60cm

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