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Q At the age of 24, I’ve just com­pleted my first year as a ‘bona fide gar­dener’ and truly be­lieve I’ve found a hobby for life. What are the most im­por­tant things for me to re­mem­ber as I de­velop? @LucyMel­lorLaw

I am so glad that you have ‘found’ gar­den­ing, Lucy, and I have yet to meet any­one who ever gave it up hav­ing started. I prom­ise you that the plea­sure and re­ward will grow and pros­per ev­ery year. The im­por­tant thing to re­mem­ber is that you should al­ways do what you find most re­ward­ing and not feel that you ‘ought’ to grow or do any­thing. Gar­dens are per­sonal and cre­ative and should never be a chore or duty. Take it slowly. It is not a race. The re­wards are pro­found and last­ing and will con­nect you to a much deeper and slower pulse than the quick fixes of mod­ern life. A lit­tle pa­tience al­ways helps. Work with na­ture. Never fight it – not least be­cause you will lose! But a gar­den that is in tune with the nat­u­ral world and which is holis­ti­cally con­nect­ing to all liv­ing things will be health­ier and more beau­ti­ful – and make for a happy gar­dener. Fi­nally, look af­ter and trea­sure your soil. If you have good, healthy soil then most things will grow de­spite the gar­dener! Good luck.

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