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Best performers in our growing trial


D. purpurea ‘Camelot Cream’ (Camelot Series)

Maroon spotting

Rich clotted cream coloured flowers with maroon spotting in the throat. The flower spikes are uniform and slightly taller than other forms. Height x Spread 1m x 30cm

D. purpurea ‘Dalmatian Crème’ (Dalmatian Series)

Wind resistant

These cream-coloured flowers have maroon-spotted throats. This foxglove is very sturdy and would be suitable for more exposed gardens. H x S 100cm x 60cm

D. purpurea ‘Camelot Rose’ (Camelot Series)


One of the taller types, with individual flowers held more horizontal­ly. The blooms are uniform and dark purple with mottled, white markings inside. H x S 1.2m x 45cm

D. purpurea ‘Dalmatian Peach’ (Dalmatian Series)

Fades beautifull­y

A free-flowering, apricot-coloured foxglove. The warm, slightly speckled flowers fade as they age, creating a beautiful affect when planted as a group. H x S 100cm x 60cm

D. purpurea ‘Candy Mountain Rose’ (Candy Mountain Series)

Rounded blooms

An unusual form, which caught my eye with more rounded flowers than other foxgloves. The rosy, speckled flowers grow in a more upright position. H x S 1.4m x 45cm

D. obscura ‘Dusky Maid’

Russet hue

Gorgeous warm, russet and copper flowers are produced in quantity. This variety is suitable for a sunny, free-draining spot.

H x S 80cm x 50cm

D. ‘Elsie Kelsey’

Great impact

The bright white flowers contrast with the heavily spotted, dark maroon throat, which takes on a blush colour as the blooms age. It’s a real cracker. H x S 1.2m x 40cm

D. purpurea ‘Monstrosa’

Novelty interest

‘Monstrosa’, meaning monstrous in Greek, has an unusual, enlarged top (or terminal) flower. I’d recommend growing this as a novelty. H x S 120cm x 40cm

D. grandiflor­a

Glossy foliage

The cheerful yellow flowers of this species foxglove opened a little later than the others in the trial. It boasts dark, glossy leaves and large flowers. H x S 100cm x 50cm

D. ‘Polkadot Petra’

Apricot centres

Rose, apricot and yellow flowers with a slender quality about them. It’s a strong, self-supporting foxglove that works well near the front of a border. H x S 100cm x 60cm

D. ‘Lemoncello’

Lemon hue

K Soft, lemon-coloured flowers appear in abundance, then fade with grace as they age to cream. H x S 100cm x 40cm

D. purpurea ‘Primrose Carousel’ (Carousel Series)

Soft yellow

An eye-catching variety with pale yellow flowers and claret spots in the throat. I love this unusual colour range. H x S 75cm x 45cm

D. purpurea ‘Purple Carousel’ (Carousel Series)

Good uniformity

An impressive, strong performing, dark purple foxglove with a uniformity in terms of repetition and rhythm. H x S 75cm x 30cm

D. trojana

Choice colouring

The hessian and cream blooms are adorned with intricate markings. Each plant produces three to five spires. H x S 1.2m x 60cm

D. purpurea ‘Sugar Plum’

Dark throats

This has to be one of my favourites in the trial. The cream buds open and intensify into mulberry-coloured flowers with a dark purple throat. H x S 1.2m x 45cm

D. ‘Yellow Spear’

Uniform yellow

Charming, soft lemon-coloured flowers. They would combine particular­ly well with yellow roses. H x S 100cm x 30cm

D. thapsii

Spanish delicacy

Known as the Spanish foxglove, I am particular­ly drawn to the delicate nature of this species, which has a more tapered leaf. H x S 1.2m x 50cm

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