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Go hands-free

STUHL's new iMOW and iMOW EVO robotic mowers combine cutting-edge technology with quality design for your lushest lawn yet


One of the many benefits of investing in a new mower is knowing it will help make your life much easier than your old one did. This is especially true when it comes to something as sophistica­ted as STIHL’s robot mowers.

Almost 10 years of continuous research have produced the all-new iMOW, a BBC

Gardeners’ World Magazine Best Buy award winner, and iMOW EVO ranges, and every feature and function has been optimised to reduce every possible type of disruption, ensuring the mowers are quiet and unobtrusiv­e when in use.

The new iMOW 5, 6 and 7 models cover lawns 1,500-5,000m2 in size, so you’re sure to find the right model for your garden. Plus, because it’s made by STIHL, you can rest assured it’ll do the job perfectly, allowing you more time to enjoy your garden at its very best.

Clean cut

The first question that should always be asked of any mower is simple: how well does it cut grass? When it comes to the iMOW, it’s good news – each model has a cutting width of 28cm. Within that, three free-swinging blades cut with laser-like precision. The rotation direction also regularly changes, so no single part wears excessivel­y, while the cutting height can be easily adjusted between 20mm and 60mm via the MY iMOW app.

But the iMOW doesn’t just cut the grass – it enhances it, thanks to mulched grass clippings being fed back into the lawn’s surface where it becomes a nitrogen-rich fertiliser, helping your lawn stay lush and healthy.

In addition, you can map your garden out into different mowing zones, so that the iMOW knows exactly which areas to work on and which to leave alone. The iMOW has an inbuilt rain sensor, too, so it knows when to stop mowing to protect the wet grass, and when it’s finished cutting, it will calculate the shortest route back to the docking station to leave as few tracks as possible.

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