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My growing journey

Since I sowed my first seeds here in Wales in March 2021, gardening has inspired me in so many ways


Growing food for the last three years has changed my life for the better – it has given me a new appreciati­on for the circle of life and I feel more connected to the earth than ever before. My quest for self-su ciency has empowered me and I feel independen­t, knowing I can provide nourishing food for my family. I think back to my days in restaurant kitchens when fresh produce would be delivered, and o ten I wouldn’t ever think about the time, e ort and patience that the farmer had put into growing it. I now feel more of a chef than ever before because of this new-found appreciati­on, and my cooking style has changed dramatical­ly. I make sure my dishes are respectful­ly championin­g the ingredient­s in their simplest forms.

My mental health since connecting with the land and growing has improved so much. Being in the garden enlivens all my senses. I feel at peace during my time outside, hands in the soil, bare feet connecting directly to the earth. It’s the best mental health treatment I’ve ever explored.

My goal with my content and films that I share on YouTube and social media has now shi ted to fully encourage my audience to get out and grow, regardless of their space. Or at least to seek out community growing projects and allotments, to support farmers and growers and connect with their food.

I would like to thank you for reading my series and all the growers that have inspired my journey over the years, it means the world! Gardeners and farmers are the true heroes of the world and should be celebrated over and over.

 ?? ?? Cover any bare soil with mulch to deter weeds and help hold in moisture
Cover any bare soil with mulch to deter weeds and help hold in moisture

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