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1 Rud­beckia fulgida var. sul­li­van­tii ‘Gold­sturm’

Dark-eyed, deep-yel­low flow­ers up to 12cm across sit strong above dark-green leaves. Loves a sunny spot, not too dry, and will flower from Au­gust right through to Oc­to­ber. 60cm. AGM*. RHS H6, USDA 3a-9b †.

2 Sil­phium tere­binthi­naceum

Prairie dock, is a tow­er­ing beast with small, bril­liant-yel­low flow­ers and ele­phant ear-like leaves at the base. Needs space, but plants are very long lived and flow­ers last for over a month. 3m. RHS H7, USDA 4a-8b.

3 Li­a­tris py­c­nos­tachya

One of the tallest Li­a­tris species, with spikes of tightly bunched laven­der flow­ers that bloom from the top down. Ex­cel­lent cut flower. 1.2m. USDA 3a-9b.

4 Eury­bia spectabilis

Clouds of large, vi­o­let daisy flow­ers clus­ter at the tip of each stem. Prefers a hot site and sandy soil. 60cm. 5 Echi­nacea pur­purea ‘Prairie Splen­dor’ Much loved for its rose-ma­genta rays against an or­ange cen­tre cone. Sits proud through­out the sum­mer atop stiff stems clad with coarse, dark-green leaves. 60cm. USDA 3a-8b. 6 Oenothera macro­carpa subsp. fre­mon­tii ‘Sil­ver Wings’ Low-grow­ing, with grey-blue lance­o­late leaves and large, soli­tary lemon-yel­low blooms. Flow­ers from early sum­mer to au­tumn. 15cm.

7 Eryn­gium yuc­ci­folium

Round, prickly heads cov­ered in soft green flow­ers that even­tu­ally bleach white. A great up­right for dry spots. 1.5m. RHS H4, USDA 3a-9b.

8 Pen­ste­mon pini­folius

A tiny, tough, drought-re­sis­tant shrub with a pro­fu­sion of bright-scar­let flow­ers that sit tidily atop pine-like leaves. Per­fect for ac­cent­ing larger peren­ni­als. 20cm. AGM. RHS H4.

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