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9 Pa­trinia scabiosi­fo­lia

Golden va­le­rian has erect stems, with coarsely toothed leaves that turn or­ange-red in au­tumn and many-flow­ered um­bels of golden-yel­low flow­ers. 1m. RHS H6, USDA 5a-8b. 10 Aster amel­lus ‘ Veilchenköni­gin’ An old cul­ti­var with stiff, dark stems and in­tense vi­o­let flow­ers from Septem­ber to Oc­to­ber. 40cm. AGM. RHS H7, USDA 5a-8b.

11 Stipa gi­gan­tea

Tall stems of ro­bust, oat-like flow­ers glint and shim­mer in the late, slant­ing light of sum­mer. A long-last­ing fea­ture that flow­ers through­out the sum­mer. 2m. AGM. RHS H4. 12 Hys­so­pus of­fic­i­nalis subsp. aris­ta­tus Pretty, deep-blue flower spikes from mid­sum­mer to early au­tumn, with a heav­enly scent. Seed­heads look great over win­ter. 30cm.

13 Echinops ritro

The great globe this­tle makes a strong plant even in the poor­est of soil, so is per­fect for meadow plant­ing. Tall grey stems carry steel-blue flow­ers in late sum­mer. 1.2m. AGM. RHS H7, USDA 3a-8b.

14 Sil­phium lacinia­tum

Iconic prairie plant with bright-yel­low, sun­flower-like flow­ers and leaves that tend to ori­ent them­selves on a north-south axis. A per­fect plant for fu­ture proof­ing, it can live for up to 80 years. 3m. RHS H7, USDA 3a-8b.

15 Echi­nacea pal­l­ida

This cone­flower has dis­tinct, pale-pink flow­ers with lin­ear, re­flexed rays that droop from a tall, brown cone. 1.2m. RHS H5, USDA 3a-10b.

16 Perovskia atrip­li­ci­fo­lia

Rus­sian sage, with its bleached white stems and grey-green leaves, is cov­ered in late sum­mer and early au­tumn with a dust­ing of tiny blue flow­ers. In­de­struc­tible and un­fussy. 1.2m. RHS H5, USDA 5a-9b.

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