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If only we could know what the fu­ture weather pat­terns might be. What we can say with cer­tainty is that our cli­mate is chang­ing, and a fu­ture-proof gar­den should not keep all its eggs in one bas­ket. Di­ver­sity is key to a healthy ecosys­tem, so meadow plant­ings with their ex­ten­sive range of species and cul­ti­vars make sense; not ev­ery­thing will sur­vive, but much will thrive. Var­ied plant­ings also sup­port di­verse wildlife, and no gar­den will sur­vive in the fu­ture with­out a wide sup­port­ing cast of in­sects and birds.

Per­haps the most ex­cit­ing el­e­ment of the mod­ern meadow is see­ing it grow and evolve from such tiny be­gin­nings. Sow­ing by seed means that plants ad­just to spe­cific lo­cal con­di­tions, with fu­ture gen­er­a­tions of seed devel­op­ing lan­drace adap­ta­tions. It’s also ef­fi­cient: seed is cheap to trans­port, uses lit­tle pack­ag­ing and re­quires min­i­mal wa­ter­ing and feed­ing to get es­tab­lished (al­though seedlings may need more mois­ture in the early stages).

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