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1 Er­ica cinerea f. alba ‘Alba Ma­jor’ A pros­trate ev­er­green shrub with bright-green fo­liage and short racemes of white flow­ers from July to Septem­ber. Spreads to 40cm. 30cm. RHS H7†.

2 Alon­soa warscewiczii Slen­der, wiry pur­ple-tinged stems are packed with bright-scar­let flow­ers from June until Oc­to­ber. 50cm. RHS H4.

3 Inula hook­eri Fine-rayed yellow daisies, 6cm across, at the end of sum­mer. Can spread rapidly on rich, moist soil. 75cm. RHS H6.

4 Pi­nus mugo Com­pact, slow-grow­ing conifer with a rounded habit. Needs sharply drained soil in full sun. 1m af­ter ten years. RHS H7, USDA 2a-7b.

5 Kniphofia ‘Tof­fee Nosed’ Tough, grey-green fo­liage and slen­der spires of apri­cot flow­ers, from June to Au­gust, that fade to cream. 1m. AGM*. RHS H5.

6 Os­teosper­mum ‘Nairobi Pur­ple’ A spread­ing plant with dark-pur­ple flow­ers that have a sil­very sheen on the re­v­erse of the pe­tals. Flow­ers all sum­mer in full sun. 20cm. RHS H3, USDA 9b-10a. 7 Rho­dan­the­mum hos­mariense Neat domes of finely cut sil­very fo­liage that is cov­ered in white daises through­out the sum­mer. It needs a hot and dry sit­u­a­tion. 25cm. AGM. RHS H4.

8 Al­lium beesianum One of the few truly blue-flow­ered members of the onion fam­ily. Nar­row, grass-like leaves with petite, dan­gling flow­ers at the end of Au­gust. 15cm. AGM. RHS H5.

9 Ch­elone obli­qua An up­right herba­ceous peren­nial with com­pact spikes of tightly packed, dusty-pink flow­ers. 80cm. RHS H5, USDA 5a-9b.

10 Olearia ‘Tal­bot de Malahide’ One of the hardier forms of the genus that tol­er­ates high winds and sea spray. Tough fo­liage and sprays of daisy-like flow­ers in late sum­mer. 2m. RHS H3.

11 Myoso­tid­ium hort­en­sia Good in a shel­tered, shady spot. Glossy, emer­ald leaves and spring flow­ers like enor­mous for­get-me-nots. 45cm. RHS H4.

12 Aga­pan­thus seedling A gift from Gra­ham Gough of Marchants Hardy Plants, se­lected for its pur­ple-blue flow­ers and slen­der stem. 40cm. RHS H4.

13 Fas­ci­c­u­laria bi­color The rigid, toothed leaves of this bromeliad turn scar­let at the base when ma­ture and cra­dle a tight head of bright-blue flow­ers. 40cm. RHS H3.

14 Celmisia semi­cor­data seedling Grown from seed brought from In­verewe with sil­vered leaves topped by white daisies. Needs good drainage. 30cm.

15 Salix lanata An un­usual form of wil­low that has rounded, woolly, sil­very leaves. It is slow-grow­ing but will even­tu­ally form a rounded shrub. 1.2m. AGM. RHS H7.

16 Pel­to­ca­lathos bau­rii A rarely seen South African rel­a­tive of the but­ter­cup with rounded, fleshy leaves and brightyel­low flow­ers that re­sem­ble a large celandine. 50cm. RHS H7.

17 Aga­pan­thus ‘Bress­ing­ham Blue’ Sturdy, rapidly clump-form­ing hy­brid with dark vi­o­let-blue flow­ers in late sum­mer. 80cm. RHS H4.

18 Helichry­sum hy­poleu­cum Rare South African sub-shrub with small, felty-grey, heart-shaped leaves and flat yellow flow­ers June to Au­gust. 50cm. RHS H3.

19 Cras­sula sar­co­caulis A bushy suc­cu­lent re­sem­bling a small tree, with tiny, star-shaped, pink-and-white flow­ers in late sum­mer. 60cm. AGM. RHS H3.

20 Wat­so­nia ‘Tresco Dwarf Pink’ Lance-shaped leaves and up­right stems of pink tubu­lar flow­ers. Hardy only in very mild parts of Bri­tain. 50cm. RHS H3.

21 Eu­pa­to­rium pur­pureum An im­pos­ing, clump-form­ing peren­nial with domes of pur­plish-pink flow­ers from late sum­mer into au­tumn. 2m. RHS H7, USDA 4a-9b.

22 Phygelius x rec­tus Somer­ford Fun­fair Wine (= ‘Yap­win’) In mild ar­eas an ev­er­green suck­er­ing shrub with stems of showy, ma­genta flow­ers in sum­mer. Herba­ceous in cold ar­eas. 75cm. RHS H5.

23 Astelia chatham­ica An ev­er­green peren­nial that forms clumps of sil­very, sword-shaped leaves. Pan­i­cles of small green­ish flow­ers ap­pear in late sum­mer. Prefers shade. 1m. AGM. RHS H3.

24 Cro­cos­mia x cro­cos­mioides ‘Cas­tle Ward Late’ A re­li­able Ger­man cul­ti­var with pleated, sword-shaped leaves and bright-scar­let flow­ers in Au­gust. 90cm. RHS H4.

25 Per­si­caria am­plex­i­caulis Tau­rus (= ‘Blotau’ ) Slen­der stems of deep-red flow­ers June to Septem­ber. Less vig­or­ous and more com­pact than other forms. 90cm. RHS H5.

26 Tham­no­chor­tus in­sig­nis Up­right, slen­der, dark-green stems marked with golden sheaths give a striped ef­fect. 1.5m. AGM. RHS H3.

27 Cro­cos­mia ‘Em­ber­glow’ A sturdy, re­li­able hy­brid that quickly forms large colonies. Arch­ing stems of deep-red flow­ers have a burnt-orange base. 80cm. RHS H4, USDA 5a-9b.

28 Cro­cos­mia x cro­cos­mi­iflora ‘Co­le­ton Fishacre’ The leaves are flushed with a cop­per sheen, which sets off the bright apri­cot-coloured flow­ers. A florif­er­ous hy­brid that flow­ers from July to Septem­ber. 60cm. RHS H5.

29 Gal­to­nia can­di­cans A bulb that pro­duces spires of white, waxy flow­ers and grey-green fo­liage in Au­gust. The cool, fresh white is a re­fresh­ing coun­ter­point to the bright colours of the mid­sum­mer gar­den. 1m. AGM. RHS H4, USDA 6a-10b.

30 Eu­comis bi­color Thick stems packed with pur­ple-edged, star-shaped flow­ers topped with a rosette of leafy bracts such that the plant re­sem­bles a pineap­ple. Needs well-drained soil and full sun. 60cm. AGM. RHS H4.

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