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1 Muh­len­ber­gia pubescens

A drought-tol­er­ant, semi-ev­er­green grass that cre­ates soft mounds of metal­lic-blue fo­liage with a weep­ing habit and pale-mauve flow­ers in au­tumn. 90cm. RHS H4, USDA 8b-10b†.

2 Aeo­nium ca­nariense

A beau­ti­ful suc­cu­lent grown for its green rosettes. The fo­liage spreads and reaches 30cm high, but taller, creamy yel­low flower spikes emerge in spring. 1m. RHS H3, USDA 9b-11.

3 Stipa species from Chile

This or­na­men­tal grass, re­lated to Mex­i­can feath­er­grass, is one of many plants Bernard is tri­alling in his gar­den.

4 Aloe greenii

From South Africa, this aloe has spots across its nar­row leaves and tall pink­ish flower spikes in au­tumn. 60cm. RHS H3, USDA 10a-12.

5 Cotyle­don ‘ Mint Truf­fles’

A new cotyle­don cul­ti­var that spreads lat­er­ally as op­posed to up­wards, with minty-green leaves edged in red. 40cm. RHS H4, USDA 9a-11.

6 Dy­mon­dia mar­gare­tae

The ground­cover com­monly known as sil­ver car­pet does well with­out ir­ri­ga­tion. It has bronzed-green fo­liage with pale un­der­sides and bright yel­low blooms in sum­mer. 7cm. RHS H3, USDA 9b-11.

7 Pit­tospo­rum cras­si­folium

An ev­er­green shrub or tree from New Zealand with thick, downy-grey fo­liage and dark-red flow­ers. Salt tol­er­ant so good for coastal gar­dens. 10m. RHS H4, USDA 8b-10b.

8 Cotyle­don or­bic­u­lata var. ob­longa

This suc­cu­lent has smooth sil­ver-green pointed leaves that con­trast with its co­ral-red blooms. These blooms ap­pear con­tin­u­ously through­out the sea­son. 1.2m. RHS H3, USDA 9b-11.

9 Aloe ‘Rooikap­pie’

A hy­brid bred in South Africa; its Afrikaans cul­ti­var name trans­lates as Red Rid­ing Hood. The or­ange-yel­low flow­ers branch up from dense clus­ters of green rosettes all year. 30cm. RHS H4, USDA 9a-12.

10 Ele­gia tec­to­rum ‘El Campo’

This com­pact reed-like restio sends out mul­ti­ple dark-green stems banded with brown bracts, and end­ing in dark cho­co­late-coloured flow­er­heads. 90cm. RHS H4, USDA 9a-11.

11 Dud­leya has­sei

A low-grow­ing suc­cu­lent ground­cover with glau­cous grey-blue leaves that take on a beau­ti­ful pink­ish tinge when grown hard with­out wa­ter. 90cm. RHS H3, USDA 9b-11.

12 Westringia vil­losa Mundi (= ‘Wes05’)

A short cul­ti­var that works well as an ev­er­green, drought-tol­er­ant ground­cover in coastal plant­ings and needs only oc­ca­sional prun­ing. 60cm. RHS H3, USDA 9b-11.

13 Leu­co­phyta brownii

A rounded shrub with wiry, sil­ver-white fo­liage, orig­i­nally from Aus­tralia. At­trac­tive sil­ver flower buds bloom yel­low. Salt and drought tol­er­ant. 1.2m. RHS H4, USDA 9a-11.

14 Echev­e­ria pul­v­inata

Short sprawl­ing suc­cu­lent with fo­liage rosettes cov­ered in vel­vety smooth fine hairs. Racemes of or­ange flow­ers ap­pear in late win­ter. 15cm. AGM*. RHS H2, USDA 10a-11.

15 Cras­sula tetrag­ona

Known as the mini pine tree, this ev­er­green has fleshy nar­row fo­liage grow­ing in opposite pairs on brown stems. 90cm. RHS H3, USDA 10a-11.

16 Aeo­nium, gar­den hy­brid

An­other ex­clu­sive to Bernard’s gar­den, se­lected from seedlings that spon­ta­neously oc­curred. He hopes this will be­come a new cul­ti­var that can be prop­a­gated for sale in the fu­ture.

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