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Green and blue

At the en­trance to the fire pit, the blue-green Picea sitchen­sis ‘Papoose ( 1)’, a favourite of Lori’s, con­trasts in both tex­ture and colour with the Salvia guaranit­ica ‘In­digo Blue’ ( 2), a very longf low­er­ing cul­ti­var. Be­hind it is the up­right fo­liage of Cal­lis­te­mon

pal­lidus ( 3), grown for the blueish colour of the young leaves; it orig­i­nated at Cis­tus Nurs­ery in Port­land, one of the most in­no­va­tive and ex­cit­ing nurs­eries in the Pa­cific North West.

Com­pact shrubs

The soft brown furry ‘ in­du­men­tum’ on the young leaves of this

Rhodo­den­dron yakushi­manum ( 1) hy­brid will have been pro­ceeded by pale-pink f low­ers. Like all ‘yak’ hy­brids this will stay as a com­pact plant. The shrub be­hind is the highly scented and rel­a­tively long-flow­er­ing Daphne x transat­lantica ‘Jim’s Pride’ ( 2).

Bursts of colour

Eryn­gium x zabelii ‘Big Blue’ ( 1), adds a burst of eye-catch­ing colour in a gar­den with very few peren­ni­als. Eryn­giums make good coastal plants as they are re­silient to wind and look good over a long pe­riod. Here they con­trast well with the fo­liage of the Rhodo­den­dron maki­noi hy­brid ( 2). But the real fo­cal point is the bright-yel­low flow­ers of

Kniphofia ‘Can­dle­light’ ( 3), which stand out even more against the rich colour of Phormium tenax Pur­pureum Group ( 4).

Bold con­trasts

Pur­ple fo­liage in the form of Cot­i­nus cog­gy­gria ‘Royal Pur­ple’ ( 1) and

Acer pal­ma­tum ‘Trompen­burg’ ( 2) con­trasts boldy with the yel­low fo­liage of Tanace­tum vul­gare ‘Isla Gold’ ( 3), and with the fresh green of the grass Hakonechloa macra ( 4). This is un­doubt­edly the best fo­liage grass for light shade. Its neatly tex­tured fo­liage and form is used here as an un­der­plant­ing for the tree is Par­ro­tia per­sica ( 5).

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