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I adore ferns, moss and trees, so this was a dream build inspired by my indoor bird’s nest fern. I wanted to create a mews of nests from garden material to display my outdoor ferns and had great fun weaving these structures among the crevices of a gnarly, old tree stump. I added extra branches bearing a collection of mossy kokedama, arranged against the weathered, moss-covered wooden lids of our compost bins, creating a verdant spring display.

How to make

If you’ve ever really looked at the intricate architectu­re of a bird’s nest you will know they are sublime works of art. To make my simplified versions, I started with a wire frame, bending three pieces of wire into semicircle­s, twisted around each other at their midpoints to make a bowl shape with six equal portions. I then wove 90cm lengths of pre-soaked brown willow strands in and out of the wire shell, working from the base up in concentric circles. I filled any gaps with extra willow and lined with moss before placing the fern inside with a mantle of compost. Alternativ­ely, a coir pot wrapped in willow or flexible garden prunings held in place with a little wire would suffice.

To make the egg-shaped kokedama, I removed the plants from their pots, and moulded a little clay soil around their rootballs before wrapping in moss, secured with dark cotton. I soaked them well to hydrate them, patting them dry before hanging from the slimmer branches. I used a variety of green ferns and houseplant­s, but a selection of wildflower plugs, violas, primroses or even muehlenbec­kia would look fantastic.

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