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Get a daily dose. Used for cen­turies for its pu­ri­fy­ing prop­er­ties, char­coal’s por­ous na­ture means it acts a bit like a sponge for im­pu­ri­ties, mak­ing it the go-to in­gre­di­ent for detox­i­fi­ca­tion. Hence its pres­ence in Clin­ique For Men’s fun-to-use Char­coal Face Wash (£18 from clin­ – a daily cleanser that doesn’t just get skin clean, but gives it a full valet ser­vice thanks to the ad­di­tion of the black stuff in its for­mula.

Even more fun as a cleanser is Ori­gin’s re­us­able Char­coal In­fused Facial Sponge (£10 from ori­ which is par­tic­u­larly good for re­mov­ing make-up if you’re a fan of foun­da­tion or bronzer.

Detox your hair. Since hair is por­ous it’s a mag­net for nasty niffs, while styling prod­ucts at­tract dirt like a Big Brother con­tes­tant.

For a daily detox wash your bar­net with Dr Or­ganic’s Char­coal Sham­poo (£5.99 from hol­lan­dand­bar­ to help re­move im­pu­ri­ties and oils from the hair and scalp. If prod­uct build-up is a prob­lem, mas­sage a blob into dry hair

It’s the beauty world’s must-have in­gre­di­ent, but how can you use char­coal to help im­prove your looks? Groom­ing Guru Lee Ky­nas­ton

has a few sug­ges­tions.

first be­fore wet­ting hair and wash­ing as usual.

Mask any prob­lems. So good at at­tract­ing im­pu­ri­ties is ac­ti­vated char­coal (it’s said to hold 100 times its own weight in un­wanted grime) that when in­cor­po­rated into face masks and left on the skin for sev­eral min­utes it acts a bit like a Hoover, vac­u­um­ing away dirt and help­ing to un­block pores. Ori­gin’s Clear Im­prove­ment mask (£25 from ori­gins. was one of the first on the mar­ket and is es­pe­cially good if you’ve oily, black­head or spot­prone skin. To turbo-charge its ef­fec­tive­ness, ap­ply af­ter ex­fo­li­at­ing with a face scrub to en­sure any dead skin cells are re­moved first.

Im­prove your wa­ter. As with ev­ery or­gan in your body, your skin func­tions bet­ter when it’s ad­e­quately hy­drated.

Not only does wa­ter help trans­port es­sen­tial nu­tri­ents to your skin, it also helps drain away tox­ins that can make it look tired and grey. What’s more, the drier the skin the more sus­cep­ti­ble it is to pre­ma­ture age­ing. So make downing the 1.5 litres of H2O you need to drink each day to stay ad­e­quately hy­drated a lit­tle more pal­itable with the help of Black + Blum’s Eau Good (£19.95 from

Thanks to a dinky char­coal block, which acts as a fil­ter, it al­lows you to pu­rify or­di­nary tap wa­ter on-thego, re­duc­ing chlo­rine, bal­anc­ing the PH and mak­ing drink­ing – and hav­ing great-look­ing skin – a whole lot sim­pler.

Pol­ish your pegs. Char­coal isn’t just good for skin – it can help re­move stains for your teeth keep­ing your pearlies, you know, pearly. As the ac­ti­vated char­coal in prod­ucts like Di­a­mond Whites Black Edi­tion Ac­ti­vated Char­coal Tooth Pol­ish (£13.99 from Su­per­drug) coats the teeth, it ef­fec­tively draws plaque, food par­ti­cles and the chem­i­cals that cause stain­ing to­wards it and, as you rinse it off, these nas­ties exit your gob with the char­coal. Make sure you rinse thor­oughly though – blacked out old crone teeth are not a good look.

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