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We meet faces from all four cor­ners of the sig­na­ture brand to find out what makes this in­clu­sive fran­chise such an iconic and fabulous place to party.

Since Glitterbox’s in­cep­tion in June 2014, the brand has be­come known as one of the most di­verse and in­clu­sive club nights, with ap­pear­ances from some of the most sick­en­ing drag per­form­ers, dancers and DJs.

We meet faces from all four cor­ners of the sig­na­ture brand, in­clud­ing Simon Dun­more (creator), Raven, Horse Meat Disco and Josh Fletcher, to find out what makes this fran­chise such an iconic and fabulous place to party.

SIMON. What was your in­spi­ra­tion for start­ing Glitterbox?

I felt that clubs lack per­son­al­ity that they used to have back in the day. I re­mem­ber go­ing to clubs and the peo­ple and the DJs would be as im­por­tant as the club. Prob­a­bly not as im­por­tant as the mu­sic, but they were the peo­ple who gave the club real char­ac­ter. When we started Glitterbox, we wanted to make sure the mu­sic was on point and we felt there was a huge gap in the mar­ket, es­pe­cially with the fash­ion and our amaz­ing dancers.

What does Glitterbox of­fer that other nightlife doesn’t?

We now have a re­ally good col­lec­tive of dancers, drag queens and char­ac­ters, and they work with our DJs on a reg­u­lar ba­sis, and re­ally con­nect. The DJs love work­ing with them, and there’s a fam­ily sit­u­a­tion that has been cre­ated from ev­ery­one work­ing to­gether. There’s re­ally good chem­istry.

Why do you think it’s im­por­tant to have nights like Glitterbox?

I think that club­land be­came very seg­mented, and for me, it was al­ways about hav­ing a broad de­mo­graphic of peo­ple, whether it be men and women, black and white. That was al­ways the great thing about house mu­sic in early days, be­cause it brought ev­ery­one to­gether.

How do other Glitterbox par­ties around the world dif­fer to Lon­don?

The par­ties at the Min­istry of Sound def­i­nitely have a biƒer LGBTQ com­mu­nity than the par­ties we hold at Hï in Ibiza. The dancers also re­ally heav­ily pro­mote the par­ties on their so­cial me­dia and that’s a huge con­tribut­ing fac­tor to their suc­cess. There’s not that in­ten­sity and com­mu­nity in Ibiza, but the in­clu­sive­ness in Ibiza, Syd­ney and Mel­bourne is the same in Lon­don.


What does Glitterbox mean to you?

I first went to Glitterbox in its in­au­gu­ral year in Ibiza and have been count­less times since. I was still com­ing to terms with my sex­u­al­ity on my first visit. I’m from Liver­pool orig­i­nally and I felt like I never fit­ted into its scene. Glitterbox Ibiza cre­ated such an in­clu­sive en­vi­ron­ment where sex­u­al­ity didn’t mat­ter but where it was still cel­e­brated.

Tell us about a favourite mo­ment from your time at Glitterbox?

My favourite mo­ment was in Ibiza 2014. I vogued too hard on the dance­floor (by vogu­ing I mean flap­ping my hands around) I was cool­ing down with an in­fa­mous Glitterbox fan. A guy asked me if he could use it for a minute and we started chat­ting. He in­tro­duced me to his friends and we re­alised that we had both planned the ex­act same itin­er­ary in Ibiza and spent the fol­low­ing five days to­gether. They’re now some of my best friends and one even be­came my flat­mate. I guess Glitterbox has a mag­i­cal way of pulling like minded peo­ple to­gether.

What do you see for Glitterbox in the fu­ture?

I think some­thing spe­cial is hap­pen­ing with Glitterbox at the mo­ment. It’s con­quered hearts in Lon­don and Ibiza and it’s now un­veil­ing dates around the world. The party has be­gan build­ing its re­la­tion­ship with the com­mu­nity out­side of its par­ties by par­tic­i­pat­ing in Pride in Lon­don and

NYC Pride, some­thing I hope they build upon in the fu­ture. After all, love is the mes­sage and Glitterbox is a ve­hi­cle to help spread it.

RAVEN. How would you de­scribe a nor­mal night at Glitterbox?

Fun, glit­ter, laugh­ter, danc­ing un­til 10am! Good mu­sic, up­lift­ing, high en­ergy, and it’s about the mes­sage be­hind house mu­sic, which is love and ex­pres­sion.

Why do you think the LGBTQ com­mu­nity in par­tic­u­lar has con­nected so well with Glitterbox?

It’s the mu­sic. Mu­sic is the an­swer. It’s in the lyrics of the songs, and let’s not for­get that disco and house mu­sic is part of our cul­ture. It’s come from the gay and his­panic com­mu­nity, we cre­ated it, so we con­nect to the mes­sage and feel of the mu­sic. We need to stand to­gether, unify, love each other and let’s be free, dance, sweat it out and have a good time.

Where would you like to see Glitterbox go in the fu­ture?

I feel like it’s on the cusp of go­ing mas­sive, univer­sal. For me, my dream has al­ways been to go to Tokyo, so if I got to go with my work and Glitterbox it’d be like the uni­verse has given me some­thing I’ve wanted my whole life in the best pos­si­ble time. I feel like it’s go­ing to go world­wide. We’ve been Aus­tralia, Ger­many, Bali... Let’s go all across the globe!

HORSE MEAT DISCO. Why should our read­ers at­tend a Glitterbox event?

So they don’t miss out on the fun and the great mu­sic. Glitterbox brings such a va­ri­ety of peo­ple to­gether and their main aim is to dance to good mu­sic. I love be­ing in a club full of di­verse peo­ple who re­ally live for mu­sic and to see them all con­nect through that shared love.

What makes Glitterbox dif­fer­ent from other club nights?

There’s an en­thu­si­asm at Glitterbox that’s re­ally in­fec­tious. A col­lec­tive joy that seems to spread from the DJs to the dancers and crowd and back again. I al­ways leave with a smile on my face. Plus the DJ line­ups are in­cred­i­ble - all my heroes (Louie Vega and Kenny Dope, Honey Di­jon, DJ Har­vey, Todd Terry, Joey Ne­gro, Base­ment Jaxx, Dim­itri From Paris) un­der one roof. I can’t be­lieve that we’re on the same bill as them.

Can you tell us about your first time at Glitterbox?

We (Horse Meat Disco) have been do­ing Glitterbox since its in­cep­tion in Ibiza in 2014. When we first played there, I was quite ner­vous as we started out at Ea­gle Lon­don where we con­tinue to play ev­ery Sun­day, and play­ing Ibiza seemed like a world away from Vaux­hall! I soon got the feel­ing that the crowd was re­ally glad to not have to lis­ten to a set of tech house, plus there were lots of lo­cals there who live on the is­land year round and they were re­ally happy to have a night with a dif­fer­ent mu­si­cal pol­icy.

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