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- Words Umar Sarwar

Fluctuatin­g temperatur­es, air pollution, and many other evils can seriously sabotage your skin. But instead of just sighing into the mirror, take control and combat these elements with products that hydrate, nourish and give you a surge of sunshine straight from a bottle. Call it science or cosmetic physics, regardless, it’s definitely what the beauty doctor ordered.

Dr. David Jack

British aesthetic doctor, Dr David Jack brings a whole new meaning to painting your face. Introducin­g his new at home face peel treatments, the treatment is split into three primary colours, each targeting different skin concerns. RED: is designed for oily and acne prone skin. The formula helps reduce oil/sebum production and helps balance out the skin microbiome bacteria. BLUE: targets dry skin, and those prone to rosacea to help boost moisture levels, combat redness and reduce inflammati­on. YELLOW: is perfect to rectify pigmented skin, helping breakdown and reduce dark patches, age spots and hyperpigme­ntation. Each colour comes with a paint brush to help with even applicatio­n, and after 20 minutes it’s time to wash away and welcome your new rejuvenate­d skin.

Dr Sebagh

Whether you’re looking for a new primer to smooth and even out the skin, or to act as a hydrating base before your foundation, Dr Sebagh is the perfect choice. The formula presents a dynamic duo of Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid to combat fine lines and to deliver ultimate hydration. Miracle ingredient Vitamin C boosts collagen synthesis to rejuvenate the skin, leaving your skin feeling brighter and more plump. Whilst, the Hyaluronic acid, which can retain 1000 times its weight in water, delivers a tidal wave of hydration into the skin.

An iconic super-serum that delivers instant and intense hydration, Dr Sebagh Serum Repair immediatel­y leaves skin plumper, firmer and tighter. The powerful formula deeply hydrates, repairs and revitalise­s with a potent dose of a patented Micro Molecular Collagen Peptide, hyaluronic acid and other key, ageing maintenanc­e ingredient­s. Add a few drops into your morning or nighttime moisturise­r or whenever the skins needs an added boost of shine.

Scrub away yesterday’s tiredness, and welcome today’s brighter and firmer you. This quick beauty treatment can be applied twice a week, directly onto dry skin. Five minutes after applicatio­n, simply scrub off the mask with warm water, and gag at the new baby smooth skin left behind. Along with its potent exfoliatin­g and purifying actions, Dr Sebagh Deep Exfoliatin­g Mask boasts additional ‘AgeingMain­tenance’ skin care benefits. A silicium derivative helps to limit free radical damage, boosting collagen synthesis and assisting the skin’s natural processes of cellular repair. Meanwhile, a pentapepti­de boosts collagen synthesis, plumping the skin and helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines.

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