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Geographical - - CROSSWORD -

Work the land, ini­tially for any­one re­quir­ing maize (4)

Earth, for ex­am­ple, could be pleas­ant with­out half of Asia! (6)

He stud­ies soil man­age­ment, con­vert­ing smog to rain! (10)

Maybe has­ten to cap­i­tal city (6)

Grass­lands in dread­ful dis­re­pair, lack­ing drainage ini­tially (8)

Morn­ing in pound with young an­i­mal (4)

Half-mile fi­nan­cial al­lowances for those mov­ing be­tween coun­tries (8)

Wa­ter ris­ing in Scot­tish col­liery (4)

Up in the Lee­ward Is­lands I’ve no­ticed one of them (5)

Sport left Anne’s twin con­fused (4,6)

Per­spi­ra­tion ag­i­tates 20 (5)

Re­store Ne­vada re­sort with tax on drug (8) County puts ev­ery­one un­der re­stored Crown (8) Con­flict ob­served in EU cap­i­tal (6)

Peace-keep­ing or­gan­i­sa­tion and US in­tent on aid dis­tri­bu­tion (6,7)

Ero­sion from river in North East? (4)

An­cient Scot is se­lected, re­port­edly (4)

Di­rec­tion to take food, con­sum­ing less ul­ti­mately (4)

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