‘My Then & Now project was inspired by Albina Rocheva, a 14-year-old Nenets woman who I met in 2000,’ says Bryan Alexander ( page 18). ‘I next met Albina in 2017 and she told me her story: how she graduated from high school, then went to university, before working for a regional TV company. It made me think about the many other children I had photograph­ed in the Arctic during the past 50 years.’

‘I was interested in how migration and diasporic life has affected people’s relationsh­ip to nature and the land, especially in multicultu­ral countries like the UK,’ says Faizal Farook ( page 45). ‘A piece like this can only skim the surface of a huge topic, but I found a dialogue with romantic traditions and experience­s that are shaped by both deeply personal responses and shared, communal ones.’

‘I have lived close to the Dyfi estuary in west Wales for the past thirty years, and the range of landscapes and ecological niches to be found here still fascinates me,’ says John Gilbey ( page 52) who writes this month’s Spotlight. ‘The catchment of the Afon Dyfi has a richness which has been rightly recognised as world-class through its status as a UNESCO Biosphere site.’

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