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While they are not strictly gin bars (one of them probably doesn’t even stock gin!), I couldn’t help but also shine a light on these other amazing bars you should visit:

What do you get if you cross a dive bar with a country and western joint?

Catch the live music on weekends, grab yourself a bar stool and some compliment­ary peanuts (you’ll need to shell them yourself), and order the cult-status Whisky Apple: fresh-pressed fluffy Granny Smith apple juice with a slug of whisky.

Shady Pines. OK. Cantina

Agave fans need to head over to what is surely Sydney’s smallest bar,

Barely the size of a one-car garage, this place has an incredible Tequila and mezcal range sourced directly from Mexico. It’s both micro in size and sources its mezcals from tiny independen­t producers. Go for a Tommy’s Margarita with freshly shaved ice or the amazing bottled mezcal seltzer.

Jacoby’s Tiki Bar

And if rum and Hawaiian shirts are more your thing, check out in Enmore. Described as one part David Lynch and one part Trader Vic’s, it’s the perfect combo of excellent bar, delicious drinks and tiki pastiche.

 ?? ?? This page: Mikey Enright at Hickson House Distilling Co
This page: Mikey Enright at Hickson House Distilling Co

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