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Bathtub Gin

Grapefruit & Rosemary



ABV: 43.3%

Country: ENGLAND Style: Flavoured Price per bottle: Availabili­ty: UK


Nose: Juicy pink grapefruit segments, before a big waft of rosemary that is slightly savoury, even saline.

Palate: Lovely pink grapefruit bitterness clinging around the mouth. More herbal rosemary notes with hints of piney juniper and drying spice. Light texture, but the heat is a bit spiky.

Finish: Little tingle on the lips and tongue as it fades with drying grapefruit and piney bitterness.

Comments: A mix with herbal tonic water would work well with this gin’s competing characters.



Nose: An abundance of grapefruit, bright and fresh, followed by the subtle, herbal smoke of rosemary.

Palate: An initial jammy note of grapefruit marmalade, followed by the increasing­ly zesty pithiness of peel. The mid-palate brings juniper and earthy cinnamon before aromatic rosemary.

Finish: An encore of grapefruit with a slightly oily, lingering finish and a final touch of sweetness.

Comments: A wellbalanc­ed flavoured gin that would be great with tonic and its eponymous garnishes.


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