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ABV: 47.0%

Country: US

Style: Aged

Price per bottle: Availabili­ty: US, Canada


Nose: Big oaky notes of vanilla and caramel. Baking spices and sponge cake. A herbal note like caraway seed, touches of apricot, banana and melon, and a pinch of juniper and lemon peel.

Palate: Baked apricots, blackcurra­nts, vanilla, dark caramel, and a herbal, grassy note.

Finish: Mid-length with a continuing ‘green’ note, a little creamy oaky sweetness and more blackcurra­nt.

Comments: I found the flavour of this delightful. I think it would make a lovely Martinez.



Nose: Rich and bold with plenty to explore: there is wood, spice and citrus, as well as bright tannins and red wine, berry-like aromas.

Palate: Delicate, piney sweetness makes way for a touch of sherry wine and then drier, tannic red wine notes. These are supported by citrus and sweeter, spiced flavours.

Finish: One final burst of juniper, before a floral finish with lingering, dry cedar.

Comments: A textbook example of a matured gin: the wood and botanicals are wellbalanc­ed, making it exceptiona­lly sippable.


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