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Edinburgh Gin

Raspberry Gin



ABV: 40.0%


Style: Flavoured

Price per bottle: Availabili­ty: Selected global markets


Nose: Flying Saucers and raspberry foam sweets. A little baking spice and rosewater, too, with a touch of shortcrust pastry.

Palate: The fruit and pastry notes combine to raspberry jam tarts, with a slight woody, herbaceous character underneath. Texture is a little cloying.

Finish: Not-too-sweet raspberry cordial, perhaps with a touch of lemon peel on the fairly short finish.

Comments: The pleasant, juicy raspberry character of this gin would be nice in a sparkling wine cocktail.



Nose: Vibrantly red in colour and overflowin­g with sweet, jammy raspberry aromas accompanie­d by a hint of anise and underlying resinous pine.

Palate: A balanced sweetness with any sugary notes quickly followed by more dry raspberry ones, along with a nuttiness from the pips and more botanical character developing.

Finish: A little sweeter than the palate, with a touch of vanilla butter cream before the fruitiness returns.

Comments: A jammy gin that I’d love to see in a Gimlet.


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