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Highclere Castle

London Dry Gin



ABV: 44.0%

Country: ENGLAND Style: London Dry

Price per bottle: Availabili­ty: UK, US, EU, Global


Nose: A delicate nose, with notes of lemon peel, juniper and a little floral fragrance. A touch of coriander spice and angelica.

Palate: Good juniper character with citrus, spice and woody notes. A touch of sweetness, like plums baked with cinnamon. Very light, silky texture.

Finish: Warmth in the finish with lingering piney notes and a little lemon peel zestiness.

Comments: A wellbalanc­ed and classicall­y flavoured London Dry that would make a stand-up gin and tonic.



Nose: Solid juniper notes on the nose, before spicy coriander and earthy angelica.

Palate: Clean in texture and notably classic in style, ticking all the boxes for lovers of more traditiona­l gins. Beyond the classic three botanical flavours, an array of citrus and spice flavours add complexity.

Finish: A gentle spiciness on the finish, before a final parting kiss of juniper.

Comments: A solid London Dry gin that would be delightful in an Evans-style gin and tonic (garnished with both lemon and lime).


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