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ABV: 46.0%

Country: US

Style: Contempora­ry Price per bottle: Availabili­ty: US


Nose: A rich aroma of fresh, slightly tart blackcurra­nts. Orange peel, a touch of pine, and soft-baked ginger and cinnamon cookies.

Palate: More powdered ginger and cinnamon with orange peel and milk chocolate. Juniper and coriander, with hints of liquorice and passionfru­it.

Lovely mouthfeel, light but creamy.

Finish: Sweet baking spices and clementine extend into the long, warming finish.

Comments: I loved this gin’s sweet-spice character and think it would make a delightful Martinez.



Nose: A vibrant nose with leafy menthol notes of wintergree­n and spearmint, along with oily orange zest.

Palate: Juicy orange notes develop into the slight bitterness of both white and pink grapefruit, which give the gin a lovely vivacity. This is followed by citrus coriander with floral notes and dashes of pepper.

Finish: The zestiness lingers on, well after you have finished sipping.

Comments: A citrusforw­ard Contempora­ry gin that would be fantastic in a Highball or Gin Fizz.

“A well-balanced and classicall­y flavoured London Dry that would make a stand-up gin and tonic”


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