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Sicilian Blend



ABV: 47.0%

Country: ENGLAND

Style: Contempora­ry

Price per bottle: Availabili­ty: Selected global markets


Nose: Fragrant orange and a herbaceous note. Spicy, slightly aniseed freshness, like cracked cardamom pods.

Palate: Grain sweetness with cardamom and coriander spice notes, lifted by zesty citrus. Oily juniper notes lend to the texture.

Finish: A fresh burst of orange and pine alongside some drying warmth. It has nice length to it.

Comments: A pleasantly flavoured contempora­ry gin that bears its ABV well.

The spice and orange characteri­stics would sit nicely in a Negroni.


Nose: Delightful orange notes: rich and indulgent with additional aromas of cocoa nibs that leave an overall impression of chocolate orange.

Palate: A medley of citrus: from zesty lemon to warm orange and the zing of lime. This is followed by a buttery nuttiness and some malty, bready tones.

Finish: Earthy cocoa notes on the finish, reminiscen­t of dark chocolate; dry, with a tiny hint of bitterness.

Comments: A finely made gin with a solid dose of juniper and bright citrus; it would work well in a Negroni.


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