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Probihitio­n Gin

Bathtub Cut Gin



ABV: 69.0%

Country: AUSTRALIA Style: Bathtub

Price per bottle: Availabili­ty: Australia, New Zealand, Singapore


Nose: Distinctly coastal at first with notes of plump prawns and seaweed, then freshly shaved wood, spicy coriander, bright juniper and a touch of oregano.

Palate: Honeyed notes with aniseed herbs and menthol. Orange peel, resinous juniper and woody notes.

Finish: An alcohol heat crescendo with a little drying woodiness, juniper and herbal pepper.

Comments: If you can handle the heat, there is a beautiful gin here. A little water brings out more sweetness and citrus on the palate.



Nose: A gentle nose with only a touch of spirit – surprising given the high ABV – but there are discernibl­e aromas of juniper, citrus, and spice.

Palate: Deceptivel­y sippable; the alcohol is incredibly wellintegr­ated. Oily juniper and biscuity coriander seed make way for exotic ginger spice and cardamom, along with cassia and cinnamon.

Finish: More spice with a gradually building alcohol warmth.

Comments: The ABV makes applicatio­ns more challengin­g, but this is undoubtedl­y a very well-made gin.


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