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How to maintain your sense of wellbeing


HERE are 10 top tips on how to maintain your mental health compiled by Consultant Clinical Psychologi­st Dr Nicola Cogan and Counsellin­g Psychologi­st Dr Liza Morton.

„ Accept uncertaint­y. Reducing the need for certainty will reduce the drive to worry.

„ Having a structure and routine to your day, and scheduling your week ahead, can help motivate you to get tasks done such as home working, sharing housework chores, child care and preparing lunch.

„ Reduce sedentary behaviour – stay physically active.

„ Do light activity such as housework or gardening,or moderate to vigorous activity such as cycling or running.

„ Eating a well-balanced diet rich in vegetables and nutrients may be associated with feelings of wellbeing.

„ Anxiety is a normal response to uncertaint­y. Sadness is a normal response to loss.

„ Stay socially connected with family and friends if you or they need to socially distance or self-isolate.

„ Limit exposure to constant social media. Set limits on the amount of time you spend on media coverage and try and avoid “fake news” by only accessing credible sources.

„ Schedule pleasant events. Daily activities that cultivate pleasant feelings, such as reading a book, painting, baking or having a bubble bath is critical for wellbeing.

„ Manage stress and anxiety. Practising controlled breathing techniques can help reduce stress and anxiety.

„ Be kind to yourself and others. Helping those most vulnerable can help you cope and feel you can do something positive.

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