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Skaters impress audience with action- packed show


DISNEY On Ice stars put on an act ion- packed performanc­e in Glasgow – full of tricks, stunts and surprises. Thousands of excited youngsters and Disney fans headed to the OVO Hydro to watch the Discover the Magic show last night.

Profession­al figure skaters playing roles of popular Disney characters have been entertaini­ng audiences across the UK since February.

The first Glasgow show kicked off at 6.30pm, which included remarkable ice skating, high- flying acrobatics, as well as impressive stunts.

The talented skaters told several stories through their dancing, while classic songs from Disney movies were played.

A mix of stunning solo performanc­es and exciting group performanc­es impressed the busy audience, who were encouraged to get involved by clapping and “making waves”.

Characters who made an appearance included Mickey Mouse, Moana, Buzz Lightyear, Ariel, Olaf, Aladdin, Tinkerbell and many more.

Despite some bulky and large costumes, it didn’t stop them from gliding across the ice.

Sarah Nolan, from Ontario in Canada, who skates profession­ally for a living, portrayed Tinkerbell.

Ahead of the show, the 32- yearold said: “When I was young we lived across the street from an ice rink and having already been skating with my dad on a homemade backyard rink it only seemed natural to start the real thing.

“I live to perform and being in front of an audience is what I do best. Performing for my family in Canada is my biggest skating achievemen­t.

“I’ve been fortunate to have been close to home for shows which has been a highlight of my career.”

She went on to say: “I love Glasgow. This is my third time here and I remember the people as being very friendly.

“We’ve had great audiences and they’re usually pretty loud, which motivates us a lot. The city is beautiful and it’s so fun to wander around.”

The profession­al skater has featured in previous Disney shows including Road Trip Adventures, Worlds of Enchantmen­t and Worlds of Fantasy where she made “great memories and lifelong friends”.

Sarah revealed that the best part of the show is seeing the reactions and interactin­g with as many audience members as possible.

She added: “I feel a great responsibi­lity to bring each audience member into the show and make them a part of it.”

Several more shows of Disney On Ice: Discover the Magic will be held in the city this weekend.

Verdict: Four stars

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 ?? ?? Scenes from Frozen and Toy Story were brought to life by Sarah and the Disney on Ice team
Scenes from Frozen and Toy Story were brought to life by Sarah and the Disney on Ice team

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