Gen­eral Knowl­edge Quiz

Gloucestershire Echo - - BRAIN TEASER -

1. Which ac­tor and the­atre man­ager founded the Royal Academy of Dra­matic Art?

A Sir Cuth­bert Seer­holm Tree B Sir Herbert Beer­bohm Tree C Sir Richard Ran­dall Tree D Sir Brian Blessed Tree

2. What land did the US buy from Rus­sia in 1867?

A Afghanista­n B Alaska C Hawaii D Palmyra Is­lands

3. Who had a top ten hit sin­gle in 1990 with Hippy Chick?

A Soho B East-17 C Mc-ham­mer D Stone Roses

4. What are the aquatic lar­vae of frogs and toads called?

A Tad­poles B Toad­fish C Tad­fish D Toad­poles

5. Which Lib­eral Prime Min­is­ter con­demned Bri­tain’s in­volve­ment in the Boer War as “bar­barism”?

A Asquith B Glad­stone C Camp­bell-ban­ner­man D Lloyd-ge­orge

6. Which new sin­gle from US rap­pers Kanye West and Lil Pump de­buted at Num­ber 3 in the UK charts?

A I Love It B You Love It C We Love It D They Love It

7. What off-beat science-fic­tion se­ries about time-travel starred Scott Bakula?

A Baby­lon V B Deep Space Nine C Quan­tum Leap D Star­gate SG1

8. Which fa­mous Ir­ish na­tion­al­ist was killed in 1922 by repub­li­cans op­posed to the par­ti­tion treaty he helped to ne­go­ti­ate?

A Michael Collins B Michael Flat­ley C Michael Mcewan D Michael Dun­lop

9. In Chris­tian doc­trine what name is given to the in­her­ent wicked­ness of mankind oc­ca­sioned by Adam’s fall?

A Orig­i­nal sin B First evil C Ul­ti­mate bad D Sin of Satan

10. What sort of crea­ture is a kakapo?

A A fish B An mam­mal C A snake D A par­rot

11. What is the re­li­gious prac­tice of driv­ing out evil spir­its called?

A Bap­tism B Ex­or­cism C Ex­pul­sion D En­light­en­ment

12. Which French nov­el­ist wrote the cy­cle La Come­die hu­maine?

A Honore de Balzac B Al­bert Ca­mus C Vic­tor Hugo D Yves Navarre

13. In which coun­try is the city of Ti­juana?

A Zaire B Brazil C Zim­babwe D Mex­ico

14. What is the cap­i­tal of the Repub­lic of Congo?

A Agades B Braz­zav­ille C Benguela D La­gos

15. What sort of crea­ture is a Tas­ma­nian devil?

A A fish B A spi­der C A mar­su­pial D A beetle

Kanye West See Ques­tion 6.

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