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1. What name is given to the cleans­ing of fab­rics and gar­ments us­ing sol­vents other than wa­ter?

A Dry clean­ing B Steam Clean­ing C Sans-eau cleans­ing D Speed Clean­ing

2. In which county was the church­yard of Thomas Gray’s fa­mous El­egy?

A Buck­ing­hamshire B West York­shire C Kent D Cum­bria

3. Who played the ti­tle role in Mag­num P.I.?

A Bruce Wil­lis B Tom Sel­leck C Burt Reynolds D Clint East­wood

4. Which Floren­tine painter’s nick­name is de­rived from the Ital­ian for lit­tle bar­rel?

A San­dro Bar­relli B San­dro Lit­til­lio C San­dro Bot­ti­celli D San­dro Pet­ti­tio

5. Where was the first per­ma­nent English set­tle­ment in the US?

A New York B Philadel­phia C Jamestown D Chicago

6. Which re­cent BBC com­edy spe­cial starred co­me­dian Harry En­field as Richard Bran­son?

A City of Dreams B Place of Dreams C Coun­try of Dreams D Is­land of Dreams

7. What sort of fruit is a morello?

A Melon B Cherry C Straw­berry D Ap­ple

8. Which Welsh cas­tle was the scene of the in­vesti­ture of Prince Charles as Prince of Wales in 1969?

A Caernar­von Cas­tle B Pem­broke Cas­tle C Rhondda Cas­tle D Cas­tle Idris

9. What was the most fa­mous TV role of ac­tor Jay Sil­ver­heels?

A Bobo B Hobo C Kendo D Tonto

10. In Greek drama what were the ac­tors who de­scribed and com­mented on the ac­tion called?

A The cho­rus B The nar­ra­tors C The eu­nuchs D The fu­ries

11. Which for­mer cab­i­net min­is­ter and Gen­eral Synod mem­ber joined the Ro­man Catholic church?

A James Pacy B John Gum­mer C Jonathan Aitken D Richard Kennedy

12. Which coun­try won the 1974 World Cup?

A Ar­gentina B Brazil C West Ger­many D Italy

13. What is the world’s largest desert?

A The Gobi desert B The Libyan desert C The Sa­hara desert D The Syr­ian desert

14. Which Lon­don Un­der­ground line is coloured black on the net­work map?

A Bak­er­loo B Cir­cle C Pic­cadilly D North­ern line

15. Which glass and iron build­ing was de­signed by Sir Joseph Pax­ton for the Great Ex­hi­bi­tion of 1851?

A Earls Court B Wem­b­ley Arena C Brix­ton Acad­emy D Crys­tal Palace

Harry En­field See Ques­tion 6.

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