Fall­ing head over heels for new TVR

Gareth But­ter­field is look­ing for­ward to the re­turn of a le­gendary Bri­tish firm

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I’M a big fan of Volvos. I’d sell var­i­ous parts of my anatomy to own a Range Rover, and I’ve al­ways had a guilty pleasure for the Rovers that were on sale in the 1990s. But the one mar­que that will al­ways hold a spe­cial place in my heart is TVR.

Here’s a prop­erly Bri­tish com­pany that’s got a story so fas­ci­nat­ing it could be turned into a film. Started in the 1950s by a bloke called Trevor who did away with his own vow­els to cre­ate the “TVR” brand, its for­tunes peaked and troughed un­til the glo­ri­ous days of the 1990s, which saw the Blackpool-based out­fit ped­dling some of the wildest, weird­est and most won­der­ful cars you’ve ever clapped eyes on.

I was a pre-teen petrol­head in the mak­ing when, un­der the di­rec­tion of Peter Wheeler, the firm launched the gor­geous Grif­fith, and then his dog helped him style the mar­vel­lous new Chimera (true story), and the won­der­ful V8 era came to a crescendo with the Cer­bera - my all-time favourite car.

In the mid-2000s the com­pany was bought by a Rus­sian busi­ness­boy barely out of pu­berty and the mad­ness was turned up a notch with the likes of the Sa­garis and the Typhon - but the econ­omy took a nose­dive and the rot set in.

For years I never lost faith in the fact that TVR might one day re­turn. And, in the last few years of this un­bear­able dry spell, some very ex­cit­ing noises have been com­ing out of its new base in Wales.

Gor­don Mur­ray, an ab­so­lute hero in mo­tor­ing cir­cles and the guy who de­signed the le­gendary Mclaren F1, is now part of the out­fit and there’s been a tie-in with an­other le­gendary brand, Cos­worth, to cre­ate a new Ford-de­rived V8 en­gine.

So the recipe for the new­comer has al­ways been good, but any recipe is sim­ply a col­lec­tion of tasty prod­ucts un­til it’s served up as a fully-pre­pared dish.

We’ve now had a fresh set of of­fi­cial pic­tures of said dish and, crikey. There’s go­ing to be a new Grif­fith.

It’s a re­birth; a re­nais­sance, the dawn of what could be a whole new era for my favourite firm of all.

It looks bril­liant. There’s plenty of nods to the TVR era I fell in love with, with­out any silly “retro” non­sense, and a gen­er­ous enough help­ing of TVR mad­ness, but with plenty of mod­ern crea­ture com­forts.

De­posits are be­ing taken now and it should fi­nally, af­ter years of teas­ing, break cover of­fi­cially this year.

It will, I guar­an­tee, be bril­liant. It will be fast, loud, pin-sharp and bonkers. It will, I’m al­most cer­tain, be­come my new favourite car. Wel­come back, TVR. We’ve missed you.

The new TVR en­gi­neered by Gor­don Mur­ray De­sign.

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