‘I can cope with the fir­ing squad’ No last ap­peal for gran

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ACHELTENHA­M grand­mother who was sen­tenced to death in In­done­sia for try­ing to smug­gle drugs into the coun­try has said she can ‘cope with’ fac­ing a fir­ing squad.

Lind­say San­di­ford, who used to live in Hester’s Way and War­den Hill, was found guilty of at­tempt­ing to take £1.5m of co­caine into Bali in 2012 and has been on death row since 2013.

The 62-year-old mum of two sons has now given a press in­ter­view in Bali’s Ker­obokan pri­son and says she will not lodge a fi­nal ap­peal that could save her life.

San­di­ford told Mailon­line in spite of ev­ery­thing, she feels blessed.

She was asked if she was afraid of ex­e­cu­tion by fir­ing squad, and replied: “It won’t be a hard thing for me to face any­more. It’s not par­tic­u­larly a death I would choose but then again I wouldn’t choose dy­ing in agony from can­cer ei­ther.

‘I do feel I can cope with it. But when it hap­pens I don’t want my fam­ily to come. I don’t want any fuss at all. The one thing cer­tain about life is no one gets out alive.”

She told Mailon­line that even though she could face ex­e­cu­tion at any time now “I re­ally can­not face ask­ing any­one for help or hav­ing to deal with an­other lawyer.

“I just can’t face it. I’ve been burnt enough times.

“I’ve had 10 dif­fer­ent lawyers. If I ac­tu­ally turned my mind to the le­gal process I would get an­gry and bit­ter and it would be de­struc­tive.”

San­di­ford said she had forged a close re­la­tion­ship over the phone with her grand­daugh­ters, aged six and one.

And she added: “Of course I think about be­ing ex­e­cuted. Who wouldn’t?

“But what keeps me go­ing is the fact I have seen my boys be­come men and be­come fa­thers and I have two beau­ti­ful grand­daugh­ters and I’ve had the chance to meet them both.

San­di­ford, who has taken up knit­ting in pri­son, said she was wor­ried about the ‘pub­lic hu­mil­i­a­tion’ of be­ing ex­e­cuted and said con­demned pris­on­ers were ‘pa­raded in front of the press’ and that would be the worst thing for me.

‘My at­ti­tude is ‘If you want to shoot me, shoot me. Get on with it.’ I’ve done a ter­ri­ble thing, I know, but the worst thing is the rit­ual pub­lic hu­mil­i­a­tion they seem to en­joy.”

No date has been set for any ex­e­cu­tion.

Lind­say San­di­ford

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