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1. Which Rugby Union player be­came the youngest-ever All Black when he made his de­but against France in 1994 at the age of 19?

A Jonah Lomu B Jamie Lomu C Ja­son Lomu D John Lomu

2. Which group re­leased the al­bum Fresco in 1997?

A Sleeper B Elas­tica C M Peo­ple D Skunk Anan­sie

3. In which coun­try is the port of Haifa si­t­u­ated?

A Iran B Is­rael C Iraq D Sri Lanka

4. Which French writer pub­lished the col­lec­tion of fairy tales Les Contes de ma mère l’oye; bet­ter known as Mother Goose?

A Ionesco B Al­bert Ca­mus C Pierre Cardin D Charles Per­rault

5. Sadism is named af­ter which French writer?

A Mar­quis Sadiste B Mar­quis de la Sad C Mar­quis de Caraba D Mar­quis de Sade

6. Which new film star­ring Felic­ity Jones, Ar­mie Ham­mer and Justin Th­er­oux tells the story of Ruth Bader Gins­burg?

A On the Ba­sis of Sex B On the Ba­sis of Love C On the Ba­sis of Hope D On the Ba­sis of Fam­ily

7. What is an­dropho­bia?

A Fear of heights B Fear of bee­tles C Fear of dogs D Fear of men

8. What in na­ture is a bro­tulid?

A A horse B A flower C A fe­line D A fish

9. Which moun­tains form a bor­der be­tween France and Spain?

A Alps B Carpathi­ans C Cairn­gorm D Pyre­nees

10. In which pop­u­lar US sport do the Green Bay Pack­ers play?

A Base­ball B Ice Hockey C Amer­i­can Foot­ball D Bas­ket­ball

11. What sort of crea­ture is a wentle­trap?

A A mol­lusc B A fish C A mam­mal D An arach­nid

12. Who starred on TV as Edna The Ine­bri­ate Woman?

A Pa­tri­cia Hayes B Sarah Hayes C Rachel Hayes D Lu­cia Hayes

13. Which soap en­joyed an Ital­ian break dur­ing a spe­cial fiveep­isode week in 1997?

A Coro­na­tion Street B East­end­ers C Em­merdale D Brook­side

14. Who was the first woman MP to sit in the House of Com­mons?

A Nancy Shel­ley B Nancy Pankhurst C Nancy Frost D Nancy As­tor

15. Which poet wrote Son­nets from the Por­tuguese?

A Sylvia Plath B Emily Dick­in­son C Eliz­a­beth Jen­nings D Eliz­a­beth Bar­rett Brown­ing

Felic­ity Jones See Ques­tion 6.

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