Our politi­cians have stabbed us in the back

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✒ NO matter what peo­ple say, can’t every­one now see that we are not be­ing al­lowed to leave and never will be al­lowed to leave the EU.

That’s clear now and has been for well over a year now.

The great prob­lem is our so-called rep­re­sen­ta­tives in par­lia­ment where 73% of them voted to re­main and un­til you get rid of them, noth­ing will change

In­deed, as Mrs May has the sys­tem in lock­down now as there are no gen­eral elec­tions un­til 2022 due to the man­aged way that Brexit has been handled, we will not be al­lowed out no matter what after 2020 and the Lis­bon Treaty is very clear on that fact.

Un­for­tu­nately our politi­cians have stabbed the UK peo­ple in the back with a real fa­tal blow how they have all played their rot­ten cards and we had all bet­ter get used to that and even worse to come with the EU hold­ing dra­co­nian power over us all due to Lis­bon, ba­si­cally for­ever, as the fi­nan­cial and eco­nomic price of leave then in just a mere few months time due to Lis­bon, will not al­low us to, ever...

When are peo­ple go­ing to get wise to

what has re­ally been go­ing on over the past three or four years in stop­ping Brexit ever hap­pen­ing (but clearly a planned strat­egy for this be­hind closed doors has been in place for decades in re­al­ity in or­der to thwart Brexit no matter what is thrown at it).

For what we have seen from all our po­lit­i­cal rep­re­sen­ta­tives is the best Os­car win­ing act­ing that we shall all ever see, as although it looked like there were two sides, one want­ing to re­main and one want­ing to leave, in re­al­ity they all wanted to stay in as that’s where the money is for THEM and the peo­ple are of no con­sid­er­a­tion at all to this fac­tor.

The penny will drop in time, but far too late. Democ­racy in any so-called form now just does not ex­ist in re­al­ity in the UK any­more and killed off by those that we have all elected…the cream of the earth in non-demo­cratic terms in re­al­ity when peo­ple even­tu­ally see what they have ac­tu­ally done to their lives, those of their chil­dren and all their fu­ture gen­er­a­tions to come!

Democ­racy is dead in the UK and where we have all now to re­alise this, but where no-one will in­form the peo­ple of this fact as has been the case since the ref­er­en­dum. ✒ I NOTE that two one-time MPS with lo­cal links have joined the new pro-eu party Change UK, and are do­ing so from dif­fer­ent direc­tions.

Neil Carmichael, right, who rep­re­sented Stroud for the Con­ser­va­tives from 2010 to 2017, has moved away from the party he joined in 1989.

His de­fec­tion is driven by a re­al­i­sa­tion that “val­ues matter”.

He is stand­ing in the East of Eng­land‘s Euro­pean elec­tions for the In­de­pen­dent Group -”an op­por­tu­nity to re­de­fine the de­bate and ex­cite the peo­ple over the prospect of a peo­ple’s vote”.

Mean­while, Tom Le­vitt was High Peak MP from 1997 to 2010.

His Glos roots are mainly that (like me) he taught biology in county schools.

After at­tempt­ing to take the Stroud seat he con­tested (suc­cess­fully) in his home­town area in Stafford­shire.

Fifty years’ mem­ber­ship of Labour ceased not long ago when he fi­nally re­alised that un­der its present lead­er­ship the party has “gone astray”.

Tom told the Bux­ton Ad­ver­tiser that “oth­ers who think like me have cre­ated Change UK and I sup­port their clear and un­am­bigu­ous stance for a Peo­ple’s Vote and the chance to re­ject Brexit”

Mean­while, we now know there isn’t go­ing to be £350mil­lion a week (for the NHS or any­thing else) - that prom­ise was dumped im­me­di­ately after the ref­er­en­dum votes were counted.

Leav­ing the EU will not in­volve “some of the eas­i­est deals in his­tory”, and we now find that we do not “hold all the cards”.

But Nigel Farage con­tin­ues his pop­ulist ap­peals as leader of the Brexit party, UKIP hav­ing drifted even fur­ther to the right and hav­ing picked up some un­savoury “anti for­eigner” in­di­vid­u­als within its lead­er­ship.

Three years ago David Cameron’s gam­ble to hold a ref­er­en­dum and thus sub­due his right wing went very badly wrong.

It is wretched to ad­mit that a lot of us fell for prom­ises, lies and the out­work­ings of “du­bi­ous” fi­nances.

But at least there is a chance we could soon put things right.

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