Gen­eral Knowl­edge Quiz

Gloucestershire Echo - - BRAIN TEASER -

1. In the­atre if you played the Dane what role would you be act­ing?

A Hamlet B Oberon C Othello D Pros­pero

2. Which ac­tress was born Har­lean Car­pen­ter?

A Greta Garbo B Katharine Hep­burn C Mar­i­lyn Mon­roe D Jean Har­low

3. What sort of crea­ture is a firecrest?

A A bird B A snake C A lizard D A con­ti­nen­tal squir­rel

4. Who had a top ten hit sin­gle in 1974 with Kissin’ In The Back Row Of The Movies?

A The Pre­tenders B The Dream­ers C The Drifters D The Preach­ers

5. In Greek mythol­ogy, who was the god­dess of the moon, some­times iden­ti­fied with Artemis?

A Idaea B Lao­damia C He­lena D Se­lene

6. Which BBC One com­edy, star­ring Call the Midwife ac­tress Char­lotte Ritchie, is about a cash­strapped young cou­ple who in­herit a haunted coun­try house?

A De­mons B Ghouls C Phan­toms D Ghosts

7. What sort of crea­ture is a duiker?

A An an­te­lope B A dog C A bear D A ro­dent

8. What sort of crea­ture is a devil’s coach horse?

A A fish B An arach­nid C A snake D A bee­tle

9. Which ac­tor is shrunk and in­jected into Martin Short’s body in the 1987 com­edy In­nerspace?

A Den­nis Quaid B Kevin Mc­carthy C Bruce Willis D Steve Gut­ten­berg

10. Which group re­leased an al­bum en­ti­tled Ra­di­a­tor in 1997?

A Blur B Oa­sis C Cast D Su­per Furry An­i­mals

11. Who is the pa­tron saint of chil­dren?

A St Nicholas B St Mark C St John D St Thomas

12. Which nation did Bri­tain de­feat in the Bat­tle of the Nile of 1798?

A Egypt B Bel­gium C Iran D France

13. Which Eng­lish queen was mar­ried to Lord Guild­ford Dudley?

A El­iz­a­beth I B Vic­to­ria I C Lady Jane Grey D Mary Queen of Scots

14. Which do­mes­ti­cated mem­ber of the horse fam­ily is also known as an ass?

A Shire B Don­key C Shet­land D Mule

15. What is a Buff Or­p­ing­ton?

A A breed of cow B A breed of sheep C A breed of fowl D A breed of dog

Char­lotte Ritchie See Ques­tion 6.

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