Gen­eral Knowl­edge Quiz

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1. Which Bri­tish spy nov­el­ist wrote Smi­ley’s Peo­ple and The Lit­tle Drum­mer Girl?

A John Pierre B Jean Reno C Jean Louis-carre D John Le Carre

2. Which Bantu peo­ples of South Africa fought the Bri­tish at the Bat­tle of Rorke’s Drift?

A Hu­tus B Tut­sis C Zu­lus D Malis

3. Who won the 1997 For­mula One world driv­ers’ cham­pi­onship?

A Da­mon Hill B Michael Schu­macher C David Coulthard D Jac­ques Vil­leneuve

4. Which cartoon ca­nine helped the bungling In­spec­tor Gad­get to solve the mys­ter­ies?

A Brains B Spot C Woofy D Beethoven

5. At which French port did the Bri­tish army make a spec­tac­u­lar re­treat from the ad­vanc­ing Ger­man pow­ers?

A Cher­bourg B Dunkirk C Calais D Le Havre

6. What is the ti­tle of the re­cent mu­si­cal film, star­ring Don­ald Glover and Ri­hanna, about a young mu­si­cian seek­ing to hold a fes­ti­val?

A Pa­paya Is­land B Guava Is­land C Pas­sion Fruit Is­land D Melon Is­land

7. Who wrote the Just So Sto­ries in 1902?

A A.A. Milne B C.S. Lewis C Rud­yard Ki­pling D Robert Louis Steven­son

8. Which fa­mous fat pupil of Greyfri­ars School fea­tured in sto­ries by Frank Richards?

A Billy Bunter B Tucker Jenk­ins C Fatty Ar­buckle D Tubby Palmer

9. Who was the com­man­der of Apollo 11?

A Buzz Aldrin B Lance Gray C Martin Malone D Neil Armstrong

10. Which disc jockey/tv pre­sen­ter cre­ated the char­ac­ter Cap­tain Krem­men?

A Kenny Everett B Chris Evans C Steve Wright D Si­mon Mayo

11. Who had a top ten hit sin­gle in 1979 with If I Said You Have A Beau­ti­ful Body Would You Hold It Against Me?

A Barry White B The Bel­lamy Brothers C Rod Ste­wart D David Es­sex

12. What name is given to an iso­lated moun­tain peak pro­trud­ing through an ice sheet?

A Glacial Peak B Mor­raine C Cor­rie D Nu­natak

13. Which col­lec­tive noun is used to de­scribe a group of frogs?

A A troop B An army C A band D A herd

14. Which Amer­i­can gen­eral’s ‘last stand’ was at the Bat­tle of Lit­tle Bighorn?

A Gen­eral Robert Lee B Gen­eral Eisen­hower C Gen­eral San­ders D Gen­eral Custer

15. What are the names of the two FBI agents in The X-files?

A David Scully and Francesca Mul­der B Dana Scully and Fox Mul­der C Danny Smith and Freddy Marx D Diana Scully and Fred­er­ick Mul­der

Don­ald Glover See Ques­tion 6.

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