Gen­eral Knowl­edge Quiz

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1. What is gyno­pho­bia?

A Fear of heights B Fear of women C Fear of dogs D Fear of men

2. Who had a top ten hit sin­gle in 1984 with Robert De Niro’s Wait­ing?

A Bana­narama B Blondie C Span­dau Bal­let D REM

3. By what name is the pop­u­lar pet Caras­sius au­ra­tus bet­ter known?

A Budgie B Cat C Ca­nary D Gold­fish

4. What re­la­tion was Kublai Khan to Genghis Khan?

A Grand­son B Brother C Son D Cousin

5. Which daugh­ter of Oedi­pus and Jo­casta in Greek mythol­ogy was the sub­ject of a tragedy by Sopho­cles?

A Iape­tus B Antigone C Lares D Thalia

6. Which crit­i­cally ac­claimed Net­flix thriller series stars Laura Lin­ney and Ja­son Bate­man as Wendy and Marty Byrde?

A Adiron­dacks B Brooks C Ozark D Wasatch

7. Who had a 1956 num­ber one with I’ll Be Home?

A Pat Boone B Cat Stevens C Matt Monro D Elvis Pres­ley

8. Which rocky is­land group off Northum­ber­land is as­so­ci­ated with St Cuth­bert and Grace Dar­ling?

A Faroe Is­lands B Farne Is­lands C Aran Is­lands D Easter Is­lands

9. Six­ties pop band the Mon­kees ap­peared in which sur­real film, cowrit­ten by Jack Ni­chol­son?

A Blow Up B Head C The Mun­sters D Win­ter A-GO-GO

10. What col­lec­tive name is given to or­gan­isms such as moulds, mildews and mush­rooms?

A Growths B Glob­ules C Slimes D Fungi

11. Who played ‘Compo’ in Last of the Sum­mer Wine?

A Clive Dunn B Bill Owen C Arthur Lowe D Ian Laven­der

12. In which Dick­ens novel does Jenny Wren ap­pear?

A Oliver Twist B Lit­tle Dor­rit C Our Mu­tual Friend D Dombey and Son

13. In which univer­sity city can the Ash­molean Mu­seum be found?

A Ox­ford B Cam­bridge C Sh­effield D Manch­ester

14. Which 15th-cen­tury Walachian prince is thought to have been the pro­to­type for Bram Stoker’s Drac­ula?

A Vlod the Im­paler B Vlad the Im­paler C Vlid the Im­paler D Vlud the Im­paler

15. Which dance band re­leased an al­bum en­ti­tled Dig Your Own Hole in 1997?

A The Dust Brothers B Fat Boy Slim C The Prodigy D The Chem­i­cal Brothers

Ja­son Bate­man See Ques­tion 6.

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