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STRESS can cause huge dis­rup­tion to your daily life and trig­ger all sorts of health is­sues. If things are get­ting on top of you, try these dif­fer­ent reme­dies to calm your nerves and re­lax your body and mind.


Bach Res­cue Chew­ing Gum CHEW on this nat­u­rally flavoured, sugar-free spearmint gum on a hec­tic day. Each piece con­tains four drops of sooth­ing Bach flower essences.

■ £5.50 for 25 pieces from Boots.


Miaroma Laven­der Pure Es­sen­tial Oil LAVEN­DER has long been used for its re­lax­ing prop­er­ties. Add a cou­ple of drops to a bath af­ter a long day, in­hale from a tis­sue in stress­ful sit­u­a­tions or mix it with a car­rier oil for a mas­sage.

■ £6.59 for 10ml from Hol­land & Bar­rett.


Re­lax by Link Nutri­tion THIS food-based herbal sup­ple­ment con­tains mag­ne­sium and B vi­ta­mins to re­duce fa­tigue, L-thea­nine to aid re­lax­ation, and other brain­boost­ing nu­tri­ents. Take twice daily.

■ £15.99 for 60 cap­sules from linknu­tri­tion.com

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