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LONG-TERM ex­po­sure to air pol­lu­tion can ex­ac­er­bate lung dis­ease as much as a daily pack of cig­a­rettes, a study has found.

US re­searchers looked at how ex­po­sure to four main pol­lu­tants af­fected lung health in 7,071 adults aged 45 to 84 liv­ing in six US city ar­eas. In ar­eas with in­creased lev­els of ozone, they found an in­crease in em­phy­sema roughly the equiv­a­lent of smok­ing a pack of cig­a­rettes a day for 29 years.

Se­nior co-author Dr Joel Kauf­man, from the Univer­sity of Wash­ing­ton, said: “We were sur­prised to see how strong air pol­lu­tion’s im­pact was on the pro­gres­sion of em­phy­sema on lung scans, in the same league as the ef­fects of cig­a­rette smok­ing, which is by far the best-known cause of em­phy­sema.”

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