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1 TOFU is a high pro­tein food made from pressed soy­beans, then the curds are shaped into soft white blocks.

2 IT COMES in “silken” and “reg­u­lar” forms. The for­mer is very soft and the lat­ter is firm.

3 TOFU con­tains cop­per and iron, both of which are essen­tial for the for­ma­tion of haemoglobi­n, the red oxy­gen-car­ry­ing pig­ment in blood cells.

4 IT ALSO con­tains omega-3 fatty acids essen­tial for a healthy heart and a healthy brain. It makes ex­cel­lent wean­ing food for ba­bies be­cause omega-3s are essen­tial for eye and brain de­vel­op­ment.

5 TOFU is a source of se­le­nium which is needed for a healthy im­mune sys­tem.

6 IT IS one of the best sources of pro­tein for ve­gans and veg­e­tar­i­ans.

Tofu is ver­sa­tile – this is a sweet and sour with pep­pers on a bed of spinach

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