Gloucestershire Echo - - BRAIN TEASER -

1. Which two co­me­di­ans re­cently re­turned to BBC2 for a sec­ond se­ries of their …Gone Fish­ing pro­gramme?

2. Bos­ton is the cap­i­tal of which US state?

3. Which pop mu­sic leg­end was born Robert Zim­mer­man?

4. Which gram­mat­i­cal part of speech refers to words that name a per­son, an­i­mal or ob­ject?

5. What is a rab­bit’s un­der­ground bur­row called?

6. Baby Doc’ Du­va­lier was pres­i­dent of which Caribbean coun­try?

7. How many strings does a ukulele have?

8. Which Ir­ish nov­el­ist wrote Ulysses?

9. Which mea­sure­ment is equal to 6 feet in depth?

10. Which cord con­nects the em­bryo to the pla­centa?

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