Gen­eral Knowl­edge Quiz

Gloucestershire Echo - - BRAIN TEASER -

1. James Stewart and Grace Kelly ap­pear in which 1954 thriller di­rected by Al­fred Hitch­cock?

A Rear Win­dow B The 39 Steps C The Birds D Psy­cho

2. In what year did Julius Cae­sar first in­vade Bri­tain?

A 55 BC B 200 BC C 35 AD D 2 AD

3. What is the light­est gas?

A He­lium B Neon C Hy­dro­gen D Ar­gon

4. Which large and pop­u­lous Asian coun­try is called Bharat in Hindi?

A In­dia B Bangladesh C Pak­istan D China

5. The artist Ge­orge Stubbs is best known for paint­ings of which an­i­mal?

A Dogs B Horses C Cats D Ele­phants

6. Ali­son Brie and Betty Gilpin star in which Net­flix com­edy, now in its third se­ries, about a group of women who per­form for a wrestling or­gan­i­sa­tion in the 1980s?


7. In which soap opera did Aus­tralian singer-song­writer Natalie Im­bruglia spring to fame?

A Home and Away B Fly­ing Doc­tors C Easten­ders D Neigh­bours

8. What name is given to the south­ern land­mass formed by the split­ting of the sin­gle world con­ti­nent over 200 mil­lion years ago?

A Mid­dle Earth B Gond­wana­land C Omana­land D Eura­sia

9. Which long-legged bug is also known as a water strider?

A Pond skater B Water boat­man C Daddy lon­glegs D Horse fly

10. How many horns did the di­nosaur tricer­atops have?

A One B Three C Two D Four

11. Which French Art Nou­veau jew­eller and glass­maker es­tab­lished a fac­tory at Win­gen­sur-moder?

A Jean-paul Gaultier B Jean Reno C Chris­tian Dior D René Lalique

12. Which US pres­i­dent signed the ‘dead-let­ter’ Pots­dam Agree­ment with Stalin?

A Franklin D. Roo­sevelt B Her­bert C. Hoover C Dwight D. Eisen­hower D Harry S. Tru­man

13. What should be added to a car’s water-cool­ing sys­tem in cold weather?

A En­gine oil B Hot water C WD40 D An­tifreeze

14. Which al­kali metal is rep­re­sented by the sym­bol Rb?

A Ra­dium B Rhodium C Ru­bid­ium D Ruthe­nium

15. Which US band had a top ten hit sin­gle in 1979 with Lady Lynda?

A The Bea­tles B The Kinks C The Beach Boys D The Rolling Stones

Ali­son Brie See Ques­tion 6.

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