Gen­eral Knowl­edge Quiz

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1. In which pop­u­lar US sport do the At­lanta Hawks play?

A Amer­i­can Foot­ball B Bas­ket­ball C Base­ball D Ice Hockey

2. Which Old Tes­ta­ment Jewish leader di­rected the re­build­ing of the walls of Jerusalem in 444 BC?

A Abra­ham B Joseph C Isaac D Ne­hemiah

3. What let­ter is rep­re­sented by three dashes in morse code?


4. Who was the fa­ther of the Duke of Mon­mouth who led a re­bel­lion against James II?

A Charles I B James I C Henry VII D Charles II

5. Which mem­bers of an Is­lamic broth­er­hood are noted for hyp­notic chant­ing or whirling dances at prayer meet­ings?

A Thugs B Shi­ites C Dervishes D Sun­nites

6. Which up­com­ing drama se­ries will star Reese Wither­spoon and Jen­nifer Anis­ton as two am­bi­tious TV jour­nal­ists?

A The News­read­ers B News at Mid­day C The Evening Show D The Morn­ing Show

7. Which ra­dioac­tive el­e­ment has the sym­bol Pm?

A Pro­tac­tinium B Pal­la­dium C Prome­thium D Plat­inum

8. What is the day be­fore Ash Wed­nes­day called?

A Shrove Tues­day B Maundy Tues­day C Ash Tues­day D Palm Tues­day

9. Which crude in­cen­di­ary de­vice is named af­ter the Soviet states­man who was for­eign min­is­ter dur­ing World War II?

A Lenin cock­tail B Molo­tov cock­tail C Stalin cock­tail D Kamenev cock­tail

10. Which north­ern trio re­leased an al­bum in 1997 en­ti­tled Ex­tra Vir­gin?

A Peach B Olive C Oil D Cast

11. In which card game does a player get one for his nob?

A Poker B Craps C Crib­bage D Bridge

12. In which con­stel­la­tion is the Crab Ne­bula?

A Taurus B Leo C Orion D Lit­tle Bear

13. What was Wendy Richard’s char­ac­ter in Are You Be­ing Served called?

A Miss Brahms B Miss Rogers C Miss Daisy D Miss Mary

14. What is the unit used in mea­sur­ing nu­clear ex­plo­sions that is equal to an ex­plo­sion of one mil­lion tons of TNT?

A Me­ga­ton B Mil­lo­ton C Ton D Cen­to­ton

15. Which for­mer mem­ber of The Young Ones be­came The New States­man?

A Adrian Edmundson B Rik May­all C Alexi Sayle D Brian Blessed

Reese Wither­spoon See Ques­tion 6.

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