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» That was a strange game to say the least?

JA - For a lot of play­ers it was their first game so there were a lot of er­rors and you could see that our tim­ing was a bit off and there were a lot of mis­takes in be­tween the game. Our dis­ci­pline wasn’t good, the penalty count against us was quite high, we wanted to play these games to get that out of us but a lot of work for us as well.

» From a Glouces­ter point of view it was strange be­cause you only lost by three points, you could have won the game with suc­cess­ful kicks and you scored three tries to their two. It didn’t feel like that in the game, did it?

JA - I felt we had a bit of mo­men­tum and then we would throw an in­ter­cept pass or make a mis­take and then we gave them some easy points, by knock­ing the ball that we de­fended and stuff so we had a lot of times where we couldn’t fin­ish, knocked the ball and Banan­han was held up. So it was a funny game, we never felt out of it, but we never felt like we were con­trol­ling it so it was one that was a typ­i­cal sec­ond game for some play­ers, a first game for some that you want to look at the things you need to im­prove on and work on that and then hope­fully the play­ers will get bet­ter.

» As a coach, a hard mes­sage to move on you have to work on a lot this week?

JA - Def­i­nitely, there were good things that we saw when we nearly got into our rhythm but there is no sub­sti­tute. The boys have trained a lot against bags and haven’t had that pres­sure and sud­denly when you play a game and there is pres­sure, the fa­tigue sets in and we made a lot of er­rors. So, there is a lot to work on, from set piece through to our at­tack­ing and de­fen­sive plat­forms.

» Good for young play­ers like Aaron Hink­ley to run around with a lot more ex­pe­ri­ence this week?

JA - We have a bit of a list of in­juries so we need to tap into our young play­ers and they will all have this ex­pe­ri­ence now to play with these se­nior guys but we saw again. I thought Aaron played well tonight, Josh (Grey) made a dif­fer­ence in the few min­utes that he came on. It is a good ex­pe­ri­ence for them.

» So on­wards and up­wards and look ahead to next week?

JA - We have to stay pos­i­tive, there is a lot to work on, but this is why we play these games, to get bet­ter and to im­prove.

» In terms of this com­pe­ti­tion it will be hard to get through, but does that make a dif­fer­ence to the team in the next two weeks?

JA - We have a plan in place since week one for how we select our team and that isn’t go­ing to change. Be­tween the front row some will get more game time than we orig­i­nally planned but apart from that we are go­ing to stick to our plan for the next two weeks.

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