Im­PrOve yOur bAll sTrIkIng

This drill will sharpen your down­swing se­quence and lead to bet­ter strikes

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Take a 6-iron and tee it up slightly, with the ball po­si­tion just for­ward of cen­tre. Take the club to the top, then make a move­ment down­wards, lead­ing with the left hip, putting your weight onto your left side, driv­ing your hips for­ward and turn­ing. Then, rather than ac­cel­er­at­ing into im­pact, pause the club when it’s al­most par­al­lel to the ground.

One rea­son peo­ple strug­gle to strike the ball well is be­cause they don’t get the down­swing se­quence cor­rect. Adding this pause helps you to re­ally feel where your body is. Ideally, your hips should be clear­ing left, your weight should be on your left side and your ster­num should be over the ball so that as you come through, you can re­ally get your hands ahead.

The only dif­fi­culty with this drill is the stop­ping bit! From the paused po­si­tion, take the club back up a frac­tion, then go on to hit the ball. Master this drill and you'll hone your im­pact po­si­tion and im­prove your ball striking.

To the top as nor­mal A pre-im­pact pause Feel where your body is

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