This tour-in­spired fairway wood is packed with tech, but would it im­press our gear ex­pert?

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KEY TECH­NOL­OGY 1 Two sole rails im­prove for­give­ness from any lie, while the backs of the rails help the sole glide out of the turf more smoothly. Ad­justable 15g and 3g sole weights can be swapped to change your ball flight, while Co­bra’s MyFly8 hosel de­liv­ers eight loft and draw po­si­tions. LOOKS 2 This is a tour-in­spired fairway wood, which ex­plains the small pro­file the club has at ad­dress. This may not in­spire con­fi­dence but it cer­tainly makes you fo­cus on try­ing to find the sweetspot, rather than swing­ing too hard and los­ing con­trol of the strike. HEAD DE­SIGN 3 Sim­i­lar to pre­vi­ous Baffler fairway woods from Co­bra, the two rails on the sole pre­vent the club from dig­ging into the turf. As a re­sult, the im­pact of slightly heavy shots is re­duced. The smaller size and shorter shaft make you hit the ball more like you would with an iron. FEEL AND SOUND 4 The sen­sa­tion is a soft but pow­er­ful thud at im­pact, not just from the sweetspot but away from it too. You cer­tainly know when you’ve made good or bad con­tact. The sound is per­haps more un­der­stated than other woods in the King F6 line.


The King F6 Baffler Fairway comes in lofts from 16-19° (in 0.5° in­cre­ments) and with three draw set­tings ADJUSTABILITY 5 Mov­ing the heav­ier 15g sole weight to the back cre­ated a marginally higher flight with a touch more spin, but it was barely no­tice­able to the eye. The ad­justable loft from 16-19° has a more sig­nif­i­cant ef­fect on dis­tance and ball flight – some­thing golfers can tai­lor to the shots they plan to use the club for. DIS­TANCE 6 At the two loft ex­tremes, the carry for this club ranged from 210 to 245 yards. Down­wind, it would travel a lot fur­ther be­cause of the height of the tra­jec­tory. Mov­ing the heavy weight to the for­ward po­si­tion may in­crease dis­tance slightly by re­duc­ing spin, mak­ing it a stronger, more playable op­tion off the tee on tight par 4s or long par 3s. With all the adjustability on of­fer, the Baffler Fairway can play like a 4-wood, a hy­brid or some­thing in be­tween. BALL FLIGHT 7 This club cre­ates a tow­er­ing ball flight that is ideal when try­ing to stop the ball on the greens of long par 4s and par 5s. It may not give you the pen­e­trat­ing flight you want off the tee, but its size means you have the op­tion to trap it like an iron if you have the skills in an at­tempt to keep the flight down. It can cer­tainly pro­vide the con­trol you need when a pre­mium is placed on ac­cu­racy. FOR­GIVE­NESS 8 The shorter shaft, at 41.75 inches, aids over­all con­trol, and play­ing the ball with a steeper an­gle of at­tack, more like an iron, helps im­prove the con­sis­tency of strike. Know­ing the sole rails are there to help you if you catch the ground slightly be­fore the ball is a re­as­sur­ing fea­ture to fall back on. VER­SA­TIL­ITY 9 While the sole-weight adjustability didn’t seem to have too much ef­fect on per­for­mance, the two sole rails were the op­po­site. I was gen­uinely blown away by how easy this club was to hit con­sis­tently well from poor lies thanks to the sole rails. I hit shots from shal­low div­ots, deep div­ots and even with the ball sit­ting down in the rough and the sweet­ness of the strike didn’t change, mean­ing I did not hit the bad shots I was ex­pect­ing to. VER­DICT 10 This is an im­pres­sive, ver­sa­tile fairway wood that comes into its own when the ball is sit­ting down. It cre­ates a high ball flight from dif­fer­ent lies and fea­tures sim­ple, in­tu­itive and com­pre­hen­sive adjustability that al­lows it to fill mul­ti­ple gaps in your bag. Con­sid­er­ing the ver­sa­til­ity pro­vided from such a small club, there is some ex­cel­lent value for money to be had here.

Pro­vides ver­sa­til­ity and shot con­trol in a com­pact pro­file. Of­fers lower launch and spin over 915F with no draw bias. A car­bon com­pos­ite crown shifts weight low. Two ad­justable 15g sole weights al­low golfers to al­ter shot dis­per­sion. A lower lead­ing...

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