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In a re­cent round, a fel­low com­peti­tor’s ball hit the green be­fore end­ing up on the fringe and I re­paired his pitch­mark on the way past. “If you make a pitch­mark on the green and your ball ends up on the fringe, you can’t re­pair it un­til you have holed out,” he said. This sounds wrong to me, but I can’t find the rel­e­vant rule. Doh, GM web­site fo­rum Un­der Rule 16-1c, a player is per­mit­ted to re­pair a pitch­mark that lies on the putting green re­gard­less of where the ball lies. There­fore, there was no breach of the Rules. How­ever, the answer would be dif­fer­ent if the pitch­mark was ly­ing on the fringe. If the pitch­mark was there be­fore your fel­low com­peti­tor’s ball came to rest, he is not en­ti­tled to re­pair it if do­ing so would im­prove his lie, line of play, area of in­tended stance or swing (Rule 13-2). How­ever, if it was cre­ated af­ter the ball came to rest (e.g. by an­other player’s ap­proach), in equity, he may re­pair it. A player is en­ti­tled to the lie which his stroke gave him. Shona McRae R&A as­sis­tant di­rec­tor - Rules

You are per­mit­ted to re­pair a pitch­mark on the green re­gard­less of where the ball lies

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